Demand the Sioux Falls School Board Takes Measures to Prevent Shootings

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The recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida is still a fresh wound. Many of my fellow students are worried and scared after seeing so many incidents like this being repeated and happening to their peers across the country. For years, our society has stood idly, ignoring a massive, deadly national issue. Shootings have become a normality in our society.

Change begins at a local level. No national legislation to prevent future shootings will pass until our communities come together and try and prevent these tragedies through local legislation. Together, hand in hand, we can and will make a difference.
I am a junior attending Lincoln High School, and I have spoke with many of my peers on what should be done about this issue, and what would make them feel safer in school. What we have come up with so far is:

*Psychologists instead of counselors - School counselors are mostly ineffective when dealing with student's psychological issues. Having a full time psychologist at each school would immensely help children with mental illnesses and prevent a shooting from happening in the first place.
*Police precincts in schools - Sioux Falls is an ever-expanding city, and sooner than we know it, we will need police precincts. If we placed them in schools, it would not only help prevent school shootings, it will also help prevent crime as a whole.
*Armed guards and metal detectors - Many students have suggested this, mostly as a way to feel safer.

We must try something, whether it be one of these three suggestions or something entirely different. The patience of the people has reached its boiling point, and if the government doesn't address it soon, it will boil over, directly into the laps of government bureaucrats.
It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.— Quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Address at Oglethorpe University (May 22, 1932)

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