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Sinn Fein, take up your seats in the UK Parliament!

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Following the June 8th election result, with no party holding a clear majority, it is time for elected Sinn Fein Members of the UK Parliament to take up their seats and play an active part in the political process.

Only by taking up their seats can they represent the wishes and interests of the people of Northern Ireland who elected them, and serve the people of the entire UK, by:

  • Preventing the failed Theresa May and her out-of-touch Conservative Party from clinging onto power.
  • Stopping the Democratic Unionist Party from calling the shots on key issues in their 'reactionary alliance' with the Tories.
  • Supporting a progressive approach to the Brexit negotiations that will retain key benefits including membership of the Customs Union and Single Market, visa-free travel to EU countries, full social and environmental protections, and uphold the rights of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU.
  • Ending the Tories' 'austerity' programme, and providing essential public services such as the NHS, education, social care and social housing with the funding they desperately need.

Broadly 'progressive' parties on key social, economic and political issues - including Labour, Libdems, SNP, the Greens, Plaid Cymru, Sinn Fein and SDLP  - represent the votes of well over half of UK electors.

But without Sinn Fein MPs taking their seats in the UK Parliament we will all be ruled over by a Tory-DUP alliance backed by just 43.3% of votes cast. While respecting Sinn Fein's long-standing policy of non-participation in Westminster politics, we believe it is time to set that policy aside for the good of all and to represent the democratic will of the UK.

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