Sinn Fein: Support a ban on cruel hare coursing

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The Sinn Fein party, while it has opposed stag hunting in Ireland and backed an anti-bullfighting motion in the European Parliament, has a policy of supporting cruel hare coursing. Despite the suffering, injury and death caused to Irish hares and the fact that many party representatives are in favour of a ban, Sinn Fein's current stance is that they "oppose an outright ban". Please sign and share this petition and urge the party to change its policy and come out strongly in favour of a ban on hare coursing.

Hare coursing is illegal in most countries, including England, Scotland, Wales and also in Northern Ireland. It continues in the Republic of Ireland, even though the vast majority of citizens want it outlawed. In coursing, hares are forcefully netted from the countryside, kept in captivity for weeks or months and eventually forced to run for their lives in front of pairs of greyhounds. Using live animals as bait for dogs would normally be a serious offence of animal cruelty but the government has provided immunity from prosecution for those involved by inserting an exemption for coursing into animal welfare legislation.

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