Help Single Parents by supporting a Transitional Housing/Shelter Community

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Even if you are not in Dallas, TX please sign anyways. I would love to establish the nonprofit nationwide, but I have to crawl before I walk. By helping the parents in need, children in need are also being helped.

The cost of living is rising in the DFW and for some, this is or will be a financial crisis. Covid19 has increased unemployment and Dallas Schools could possibly go to a mostly online curriculum for students. Where does this Leave the Single Parents? Single Parents and their children will need the Community's help through this crisis. Single Parents Empowered Inc is a nonprofit organization that wants to help Single Parents through their financial and other life obstacles.  The organization is in place to help single parents build onto what skills and resources they already have by providing transitional/temporary housing for single parents and their children as well as other services such as: Counseling, case management services, tutoring, and connecting with other nonprofits for additional services needed. 

A Tiny home community is an option. In order to do this in a cost-efficient manner for everyone involved, we want to develop a Tiny Home Community (homes that range from 399 sq ft to 758 sq ft) just for this purpose in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Tiny Homes is a new hot topic and many city ordinances/regulations do not make it legal for a tiny home community to be established. This petition is to help show that the public is okay with making this change to city ordinances for the better good of the community.

Other possible options are transitional houses or "podshare" concept where everyone is under one roof.