Tangible support for frontline healthcare workers Systemic change for nurses in Singapore

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Thank you for your support during these trying times. We appreciate your applause and your serenade, but beyond these, I truly feel that more should be done for our nurses. 

They have endured the physical pains of labour, the emotional trauma of being discriminated against, and the torment of being away from their loved ones. Yet, they toll on, without complaint, all for their sense of duty and the sake of their patients. 

We feel good about ourselves when we applaud our frontliners. We show them that we are in it together. We offer our voices in solidarity. But how many of us are going to remember to thank them after all this blows over (let's hope it's sooner rather than later)? And with what are we going to thank them?

Let's rise above the level of platitudes, and instead demand systemic, tangible change from our government, that our nurses are adequately compensated, even after this extremely difficult period. Because they deserve more.