Government to work with landlord to curb rental fees for businesses affected by COVID-19.

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There are many tenants and employees who are affected by the new additional social distancing measures by Singapore Government. 

With sales dipping, many tenanted businesses are finding it hard to cope with the increasing pressure on cost especially rental and labour. 

We understand that Singapore Government have rolled out the Resilience Budget which includes Property Tax Waiver to Landlords and Rebate for local workers. However, we believe it does not directly benefit tenanted businesses under Commercial or Private Landlords which are only urged to give rental rebates of waiver to tenants. 

When required, tenants like us pay our rental on time and are fully cooperative. Most Commercial or Private Landlords have not gotten back to us in the same way. 

As we understand Singapore’s Government’s move to reduce the risk of local spread of Covid-19, we are fully cooperative. However, tenanted businesses, local and overseas brands, retail and F&B needs a chance to survive during this crucial period. 

We sincerely plead for Singapore’s Government, Commercial and Private Landlords to help affected businesses during this crucial period of time.

We do not want our tenanted businesses to close down, locals to lose businesses and jobs. We are willing to not earn anything during this period of time, and will do all we can to ease cash flow. However, there is so much that we can do if no one helps us. 

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