Make Chiropractic 'Essential' Again!

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Singapore has performed excellently so far in its battle against COVID-19.  From contact tracing to testing to the Circuit Breaker, it's clear that the decisive measures that the government has taken are having a positive effect.  The Circuit Breaker is showing promising signs of effectiveness, and we are grateful for the decisions made by MOM, MOH and all other relevant parties and individuals.

At the same time, being deprived of the services of certain businesses has proven to be very challenging for a large segment of Singapore's population.  In particular, missing their chiropractic adjustments has had a significant deleterious effect on the overall quality of life of many chiropractic clients.

Many residents of Singapore have grown accustomed to the well-documented benefits that chiropractic adjustments enable, and are suffering without access to their chiropractor.  The rigours of working from home, often combined with home-based learning and increased overall stress levels, are most definitely taking a toll on the health, energy levels and vitality of Singapore's population.  People are suffering more pain, discomfort and dissatisfaction than is necessary.

As we move through this Circuit Breaker period, and closer to the resumption of business and social activities, it's important to monitor the overall situation.  Part of that means weighing the risks of re-opening too quickly against the trauma of depriving people of the services that they need. 

To that end we request that the Singapore government act as soon as possible in following in the footsteps of other countries around the globe, and designate chiropractic as an essential business in Singapore.  This can (and should) be done in as safe and responsible a way as possible, in order to help Singapore continue to to excel in its fight against this global pandemic.

Thank you very much for your consideration and action.