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#WinWithBlackWomen - started this petition to Black Women and

Our history-making Vice-President Elect, Kamala Harris will take her leadership to the White House, therefore vacating her seat in the United States Senate. She was the only Black woman in the US Senate.  Her representation mattered and without her, there will be no Black woman in the United State Senate, starting in January.

This can be changed if California’s Governor Gavin Newsom appoints a Black woman to her seat.  Governor Gavin Newsom has not committed to appointing another Black woman in her place, and we want to make sure he knows we must #KeepTheSeat and that #BlackWomenWontForget. 

Please read the Open Letter below signed by an intersectional, intergenerational group of Black women leaders from across the national representing millions Americans and show your support by signing the petition in support. 

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Dear Governor Newsom:

Win With Black Women is a national collaborative of Black women throughout the United States.  We were instrumental in supporting Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris for the Vice Presidential ticket and we played an important role in the Biden-Harris victory.  We strongly support, and urge you to appoint Congresswoman Karen Bass, or Congresswoman Barbara Lee to the United States Senate seat soon to be vacated by Vice-President Elect Harris.  

Nationwide, Black women have continuously been credited with saving the Democratic Party.  By retaining the only seat held in the United States Senate by a Black woman, California has an opportunity to do more than just thank Black women.  Congresswoman Bass and Congresswoman Lee, both of whom are seasoned policymakers and proven leaders, will hit the ground running to address the devastating economic impact and health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Additionally, they will work quickly to dismantle harmful policies that were implemented by the current administration, many of which adversely impact California and its residents.  

Both Congresswoman Bass and Congresswoman Lee are well-positioned to represent the needs of California - ranging from homelessness to wildfires, and from affordable housing to access to healthcare.  With their many years of expertise serving on key policy and budget committees, their leadership acumen, the respect they engender from their colleagues and their close working relationship with President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris, they will be ready on day one to hit the ground running.  Both Congresswoman Bass and Congresswoman Lee, two well respected elected officials with proven records of success, will push forward California’s policy agenda and fight for the resources that California needs to restore its thriving economy.  

We are pleased to join members of the Congressional Black Caucus, the California Legislative Black Caucus and the California Democratic Party, along with countless federal, state and local organizations, urging you to appoint Congresswoman Bass or Congresswoman Lee to the Harris Senate seat.  Through the collective efforts of Black women nationwide, including thousands of Black women from California, Democrats made history this year by electing the first woman, the first African American, and the first East Asian American, ever to hold the office of Vice President of the United States.  

As Vice President-Elect Harris noted in her acceptance speech, Black women “are too often overlooked, but so often have proven that they are the backbone of our democracy.” As we commemorate the 65th Anniversary of Civil Rights leader Rosa Parks refusal to “Give Up Her Seat,” we urge your support of Congresswoman Bass and Congresswoman Lee, two exceptionally well qualified Black women who both symbolically and substantively represent the “backbone of our democracy,” and who have a stellar record of representing California. Thank you for your consideration.




Abby Dobson, NY

Adjoa B. Asamoah, PA

Admas Kanyagia, CA

Adrian Armstrong, CA

Adriane J. Dudley, Esq., USVI

Honorable Adrienne A. Jones, MD

Adrienne Lance Lucas, GA

Adwoa Antwi-Barfi, IL

Aileen F. Casanave, CA

Aimee Allison, CA

Aisha Biro Diallo, VA

Aisha J. McClendon, TX

Dr. Alberta K. Wilson, FL

Alicia R. Hinson, FL

Alisha Udhwani, USVI

Honorable Alissia Canady, MO

Dr. Allison Clark, FL

Allora Goode Cyrus, MD

Alycia Albergottie, SC

Amber P. Lewis, USVI

Andrea Bond Johnson, TN

Andrea Pugh-Kelley, MI

Angela Foxworth Everett, OH

Angela Angel, MD

Angela M. Michael, IN

Angela Rye, CA

Anshantia Oso, CA

Antoinette Bonsignore, WA

Ariel Robbins, MI

Arletha Bland-Manlove, MO

Artelia Korokous, CA

Ashley Bryant, DC

Ashley-Dior Thomas, DC

Rev. Ashley Moore, AL

Ashlye V. Wilkerson, SC

Atinuke Sode, FL

Ayanna Smith, NC

Azizza Davis Goines, CA

Barbara Donaldson, IL

MO Senator-Elect Barbara Washington, MO

Beth Woodland-Hargrove, Esq., MD

Dr. Betty Smith Williams, CA

Beulah Carol Oldham, TN

Dr. Blanche Radford-Curry, NC

Brandi James, DC

Brandi Mullins Thomas, GA

Brandi Rand, TX

Brenda Bennett, CA

Brittany Packnett Cunningham, MO

Brittney Yancy, CT

Bryna Jean-Marie, NY

C. NaTasha Richburg, MD

Dr. C.R. Henry, CA

Candice Mulder, CA

Cappy Lane, PA

Carmen R. Adams, TX

Dr. Ceeon Quiett Smith, SC

Chabre Vickers, OR

Char Hackney Goolsby, MI

Charece Williams Gee, NY

Charisma K. Adams, FL

Rev. Charisse R. Tucker, PA

Charlene L. Usher, Esq., CA

MD Delegate Charlotte Crutchfield, MD

Commissioner Chaune Fitzgerald, WA

Cheri Truett, MD

Dr. Cherry Collier, GA

Cheryl James, FL

Cheryl Reede, CA

Cheryl Wright, CA

Christal Jackson, CA

Rev. Dr. Christal Williams, TN

Christina Cue, SC

Claudia L. McKoin, Esq., DC

Comelia R. Sanford, DC

Cora Masters Barry, DC

Corene M. Myers, MD

Courtney Hunt, LA

Dr. Cynthia Marshall, TX

D’Angela Proctor Steed, CA

Danielle Cooper Daughtry, NJ

Danielle Rose, CA

Danyell Smith, MD

Dr. Darjené Graham-Perez, CA

Dr. Darlene J. Conley, WA

Davida Sharpe, TN

Dawn Martin, CA

Dr. Dawnyell Goolsby, CA

Deborah Scott, GA

Deborah Smith, OH

Dr. Debpray Bernal, PA

Debra A. Johnson, CA

Debra Collins, NC

Dee C. Marshall, NJ

Delilah Clay, CA

Dene Mathews, CA

DeNeatra Barkley, MD

Denise Barton, MI

Denise Burgess, MD

Derrice Deane, MD

Desiree Peterkin Bell, NJ

Diann Valentine, CA

Diedra Henry-Spires, MD

Donna Harper, GA

Doris Smith-Ribner, PA

Dorothy R. Jackson, J.D., DC

Dr. E. Faye Williams, DC

Edda Collins Coleman, CA

Edwina Ward, FL

Elenore A. Vaughn, CA

Elizabeth Gramling, DC

Dr. Elsie Scott, DC

Erica Barnes, GA 

Eris Sims, MD

Ethel B. Hill, MD

Fatima Saliu, CA

Fatmata Barrie, Esq., MD

Felicia D. Henderson, CA

Felicia Davis, GA

Felicia Harvey, FL

Felicia Lynch, CA

Felicia Mayo, CA

FL Representative Fentrice Driskell, FL

Francesca Hogi, CA

Honorable Gaybriel Gibson, SC

Dr. Genester Wilson-King, FL

Gillian G.M. Small, Esq., CA

Gladys Hamilton, DC

Glenda A. Gill, CA

Gloria Lomax, CA

Gwen Berry, GA

Dr. Hazel N. Dukes, NY

Helen Butler, GA

Irene Marion, OR

Isophine Atkinson, CA

Iyofe Christine Isasi , MD

Jacquelyn Horton, NC

Jacquelyn McMahon, CA

Honorable Jacquelyne Weatherspoon, NH

JaMese McGowan, CA

Janice Jones Anderson, CA

Janis Shelton, GA

Jarrai Stephens, DC

Dr. Jeanne M. Toungara, MD

Dr. Jennifer Jones, DC

Jennifer S Roberts, MD

Jerika L. Richardson, NY

Jessica Rhau, DC

Jewel Love, SC

Jewell Singletary, CA

Jody Davis, MD

Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole, DC

Josephine C. Baker, DC

Jotaka Eaddy, DC

Joyce Brayboy, DC

Joyce M. Rose-Harris, SC

Juanita F. Minor, CA

Julayne Virgil, CA

Dr. Julianne Malveaux, DC

Kaegan Mays-Williams, NY

Kailee Scales, NJ

Honorable Kandie D. Smith, NC

Dr. KaNisha Hall, TX

Kara Simmons, SC

Karen A. Robinson, MA

Honorable Karen Camper, TN

Karen Carter Peterson, LA

Karen Maria Alston, DC

Karen Sibert, DC

Dr. Karen Webster, CA

Katrina Dunn, CA

Katrina Long-Robinson, FL

Kawana T. King, NY

Kaye Guidugli, MD

Kelli Hamilton, PA

Kelli King-Jackson, TX

Kelly Hall, MI

Dr. Keme Hawkins, GA

Dr. Kendra Janelle Ross, PA

Kenge Malikidogo-Fludd, MD

Kenniss Henry, MD

Kerene Tayloe, DC 

Keshia Aiken, SC

Kim Mims, CA

Kimberland Jackson, PA

Kimberley Irene Egonmwan, IL

Kimberly L Bailey, CA

Kimberly Morgan, CA

Kolieka Seigle, CA

Kristen Lancaster, GA

Kristy Godwin, MD

Kristy Sinkfield, TN

Krystina White, VA

Dr. L. Toni Lewis, MD

La Sharron Brown, TX

Lakeila R. Stemmons, Esq., VA

The Honorable Lashrecse D. Aird, VA

Laura Crandon, MD

Laura W. Murphy, DC

Lauren Winn, MI

Lauryn Hale Ogbechie, CA

Dr. Lavonia L. Perryman, MI

Lei-Chala I. Wilson, CA

Leisa Chester Weir, VA

Lenora Eaddy, SC

Rev. Dr. Leslie D. Callahan, PA

Leslie Harper-Miles, WA

Letisa Vereen, NC

Liliahn Majeed, NY

Honorable Lisa P. Jackson, CA

Lisa L. Williams, GA

Rev. Dr. Louelle E Wilson-Wrighton, PA

Luvvie Ajayi Jones, IL

Lydia G. Sermons, GA

Lynette Castille, CA

Makani Themba, MS

Malika Graham-Bailey, NC

Marie Lemelle, CA

Marilyn D. Davis, NJ

Marissa Nance-Montgomery, CA

Dr. Martha Burnett-Collins, CA

Maureen A. Lewis, MD

Melanie Campbell, DC

Dr. Melanye Price, TX

Melissa P. Dunn, FL

Michele Ballard, CA

Michele Elam, CA

Michele L Watley, MO

Michelle D. Bernard, MD

Michelle Gadsden-Williams, NY

Michelle J. DePass, OR

Michelle S. Felder, OH

Mikini Williams, DC

Monetta White, CA

Monica N. Timmons, FL

Monica R. Cloud, MD

Monique Nash, CA

Monique Pressley, MD

Muriel Morse, GA

N. Renée Woods, GA

Nancy Kirby, PA

Naomi D. Brown, DC

Nesha Christian-Hendrickson, Esq., USVI

Nicole W. Sitaraman, DC

MD Delegate Nicole A. Williams, MD

Niija Kuykendall, CA

Nkeshi Free, MD

Nyanza Shaw, CA

Nyree Wright, DC

Dr. Pamela Pugh, MI

Paris Andrew, NC

Patrice Willoughby, DC

Patricia Gillum Sams, FL

Patricia Monroe, PA

Paula Sardinas, WA

Peggy Broussard Wheeler, CA

Penny Perry-Jackson, DC

Pha Patrick, CA

Philisea J. Matthews, SC

Dr. Phillis Isabella Sheppard, TN

Pleshette Robertson, CA

R. Lucia Riddle, DC

Dr. Raissa White, CA

Dr. Ramona H. Edelin, DC

Rashida Tyler , NY

Raymone K. Bain, DC

Rebecca Lewis, CA

Regina V. Evans, CA

Renée Harrison, NC

Renee’ Bro, VA

Rhonda Briggs, GA

Robin Harrison, CA

Robyn Donaldson, GA

Ronda Dixon, CA

Rev. Dr. Rosalind Osgoid, FL

Elder Rosetta Carter, PA

Rev. Dr. Roslyn M. Brock, MD

Dr. Ruby B. Nelson, MD

Sabrina Cofield, NV

Sammecia L. Bagley, FL

Sandi Jackson, DC

Sandra Mayo, NC

Shadona Logan, DC

Shanāe Buffington, CA

Shanelle Changotra, CA

Shani Jamila, NY

Rev. Shari Nichols-Sweat, IL

Sharon Christopher, NC

Sharon Letalon, NY

Rev. Shavon L. Arline-Bradley, MD

Sheika Reid, DC

Sheila Bennett, CA

Shelley Williams-Franklin, DC

Honorable Shelli Hayes, NV

Shellie Hayes-McMahon, TX

Sherese Brewington-Carr, DE

Dr. Sherri Killins Stewart, CT

Shirley Simons, MD

Shirmel Wiggs, MD

Sierra Anderson, MD

Soffie B. Ceesay, MD

Sonja J. Elston, CA

Dr. Sophia A. Nelson, FL

Susan Baker, MD

MD Delegate Susie Proctor , MD

CA Assemblywoman Sydney Kamlager, CA

Dr. Stephanie McGencey, MD

Dr. Stephanie E. Myers, DC

Rev. Sylvia J. Diggs, PA

Tafeni English, AL

Talia R. Boone, CA

Tamara A. Taliaferro, PA

Tamara Nash, NV

Councilwoman Tameika Isaac Devine, SC

Tamia Jordan, MA

Tamika Mallory, NY

Tamina Dixon Umana, MD

Rev. Tammie Denyse, CA

Tarrah Cooper Wright, IL

MD Delegate Dr. Terri L. Hill, MD

Theresa Taylor Carroll, Esq., CA

Tiffany Hill, CA

Tiffany James, SC

Tobeka G. Green, MD

Rev. Toni D. Ross, NC

Toni R. Cook, CA

Tracey Austin-Grooms, GA

Tracii McGregor, CA

Tracy LaMondue, MD

Trudy B. Grant, SC

Rev. Dr. Valerie Bridgeman, OH

Vallery Twamugabo, CA

Vanessa Spencer, CA

Velma Jean Sands, CA

Verneal Brumfield, CA

Veronica T. DeLandro, CT

Virginia Lee, DC

Vivian Senghore, NY

Wanda F. Williams, CA

Wanda G. Henton, FL

Yolanda Butler, CA

Yolanda Cash Jackson, FL

Yolanda H. Carraway, DC

Yonelle Moore Lee, Esq., MD

Yoshino W. White, NH

Yvonne Wheeler, CA

Zenita Wickham Hurley, MD

Zina Kendell, MD

Zina Slaughter, CA

Zoe Marshall, TX



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At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!