Bring Justice Against This Horrible Act of Cruelty Against Animals

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This person is horribly abusing animals, and publicly displaying his acts of extreme cruelty against voiceless innocent beings that can't fight back. He has uploaded videos of doing these cruel acts on several animals, some of which have been removed but some are still on the profile for everyone to see, displaying him heartlessly strangling a living, innocent kitten and throwing it around remorselessly.


The person has released another video with animal abuse, where he's taught a young kid to torture the cat by holding it by it's leg and throwing it around, and another video where he's teaching the kid to slap a goat over and over. This person is absolutely sick, and is extending his sickness to young children.

There's another person who is now harming kittens who happens to be a friend of the first abuser, and now they're making videos to each other 'jokingly' challenging for more abuse inducing videos. I've updated the petition with proof for the new videos, as well as the identity of the new person.


Such abuse has been going on for too long and has been encouraged for generations in our country to no stop. But times have changed and legal action has been taken against animal cruelty before, so it's time the police takes action once more and bring justice to innocent, voiceless animals that come towards us for companionship, not heartless abuse. The person needs to be brought to justice, as he is not only abusing the animals but glorifying it and showing it to everyone publicly.


It'd help more if we tweeted the petition to Government officials of Pakistan, and particularly Sindh. Here's some accounts you can tweet to for exposure:

Sindh Police:

Prime Minister of Pakistan:

PTI(current government)'s Sindh account:

Thank you.


Here's the link to the person's personal and 'meme' profile where he shares his cruel acts:


The profile of his friend who is also abusing animals:


Note: He's taken all his pictures off his personal profile and is pretending it doesn't belong to him, but here's a screenshot of it before his changes where he has the pictures same as his 'meme' account and is even referring to it:


Another proof you can use to compare the pictures that Mohammed Bilal is his real name and account:



Here are the videos in question, be warned they're very cruel:


First abuser:


Second abuser:



Here's a few images of him for identity from his profile:

Please spread this enough so the government of Sindh and the police of Karachi take an action.

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