#SpraySindh: Request Sindh Government to spray disinfectants during the lockdown

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To Murad Ali Shah, Chief Minister of Sindh, Pakistan
On behalf of HamdardHaath, it is most respectfully submitted as under:
1.     That the current petition has been tabled under Article 9, security of person, Article 19, freedom of speech and Article 38, promotion of social and economic well being of the people, enshrined in The Constitution of Pakistan, 1973;
2.     That the Government of Sindh, Pakistan is requested to order the spraying of disinfectants across during the incumbent lockdown, against the novel SARS-CoV-2: henceforth referred to as the COVID-19 outbreak;
3.     That the precedent of spraying disinfectants in the Hubei province, China must be taken into consideration: epicenters such as Wuhan had been sterilized twice a day to curb what the World Health Organization has declared a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)” and a “pandemic”;
4.     That it is pertinent to cite The Chinese Center for Disease Control and the China Daily Information Co (CDIC), which have reiterated that spraying is only improper when the outbreak is not severe;
5.     That the severity of COVID-19 in Sindh, Pakistan, may be emphasized in order to justify the immediate spraying of disinfectants: not only was Pakistan’s first case confirmed in Sindh, but its number of cases has outnumbered that of other provinces, as per the Sindh Health Minister’s Public Relations Officer (PRO);
6.     That our request is in line with the Government of Pakistan’s National Action Plan for Corona Virus diseases (COVID-19) whereby, “Provincial/Area Departments of Health can use this plan to prioritize and implement important emergency preparedness actions”;
7.     That this proposal is further reverentially in line with the World Health Organization’s Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) panelists’ objectives: to “minimize social and economic impact through multisectoral partnerships”;
8.     That Pakistan has a secure supply of available disinfectants, which confirms its ability to spray disinfectants across Sindh: according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, Pakistan received approximately fifty thousand liters of pesticides and fifteen high-powered spray equipment on March 10, 2020;
9.     That the Provincial Government of Sindh, Pakistan has funding available to implement the abovementioned proposal: not only has the Government of Pakistan’s National Action Plan for Corona Virus diseases (COVID-19) instructed provinces to create an ‘Emergency Fund’ but the ’Sindh Emergency Fund’ also continues to receives generous donations from citizens, as confirmed by yourself- Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah; 
10.   That our organization offers the provision of volunteer workers and calls upon other non-governmental organizations to commit personnel and aid, so as to ensure the effective disinfecting of Sindh, Pakistan;
11.  That, in light of the above, we request that you take immediate action to disinfect Sindh, Pakistan during the provincially binding lockdown.