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Maltreatment of 22 Thousand Innocent Sheep

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Corrupt Sindh govt. culled 22 thousand healthy sheep fraudulently in Karachi. Blackmailers completed the culling on Saturday October 20 , 2012.

September 17 .....On the basis of a report provincial Livestock and fisheries department of Sindh Government issued a death warrant of 22 thousand sheep imported from Australia on the basis of an uncertain and doubted report prepared by a Poultry vaccine center of Sindh Government, not a Veterinary laboratory report. Corrupt officials and officers who wanted to blackmail the importer of Sheep ignored a report of Tando Jam Veterinary laboratory which is affiliated with Tando Jam University of Agriculture University. A good named organization and trust worthy. Corrupt officials culled nearly 8 thousand sheep in first attempt on the report of a poultry vaccine lab.

After the Petitioner of Tariq Mehmood Butt, owner of PK livestock and meat company, importer of Australian sheep, Sindh High Court stopped the culling of sheep by a stay order and pulled 14 thousand innocent sheep from the mouth of useless death. Petitioner challenged the capability of Sindh poultry Vaccine Center, on the basis of which Sindh Government live stock and fisheries department ordered the culling of twenty two thousand innocent sheep, in which nearly 8 thousand were culled down before stay of court .

September 2012..... By the order of high court Sindh Karachi, Dr. Ilyas the quarantine officer of Peshawar and the convener of the inquiry committie formed by High Court of Sindh to probe whether the Australian sheep were infected or not . Hundreds of samples were drawn on September 20 of 2012 and sent to the NVL ( National Veterinary Laboratory Islamabad), it's an organization of Government of Pakistan meaning Federal government.(It mentions here, that High Court of Sindh are not trusted on any department of Sindh Government to prevent any chance of contamination or fraud in samples or inquiry. The court selected the chairman of inquiry committee from another province . Chairman of the court committee Dr . Ilyas belong from Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwah.

According to NVL report the Australian sheep tested negative for foot and mouth disease, PPR antibodies , ecloparasities, haemoparasities, anthrox, pathogenic organism, no growth of Ecoli was seen. The lab reports were signed by Dr. Rehana Anjum ,the senior lady scientist of NVL.

September 28 of 2012 ... during the hearing of high court observed that contradictory report regarding infection and disease among the sheep, were filed by the federal and provincial governments laboratories, therefore the court ruled that fresh testing and evaluation of the sheep be done by some foreign laboratory to resolve the controversy. A former director general of the Livestock Ghulam Sarwar Sheikh informed the court that an internationally acclaimed Laboratory in the UK would be appropriate to conduct testing.

October 16 of 2012 ......Report from the UK lab was submitted before the court. Samples of Australian sheep tested negative from any disease. After the submission of report provincial Live stock department of Sindh Government offered to purchase sheep on import cost, which was refused by petitioner .

October 17 of 2012.... The farm in Razaq abad karachi (the home of Australian sheep) once again was the center of attention as The Malir development Authority (MDA... An organization of Sindh Govt.), along with a heavy contingent of Police and Rangers tried to demolish the premises in a drive against illegal structure but failed. (originally it was only a threat for blackmailing) Importer of Australian sheep not trapped in sheep disease , But trapped in demolition drive.

October 18 of 2012 ...In a mysterious development, Counselyhe of the petitioner against culling of sheep, In a surprise move submitted before the court that his client has asked to withdraw the case without mentioning any specific reason..................At the outset the court asked the petitioner's counsel to review the decision of withdrawal as the importer move seemed to be made under the pressure from some quarters.
Appearing again in the court the counsel of the petitioner , said that he had clear instruction for the withdrawal. Then the court ejected the petition .

October 19 of 2012 ........After the withdrawal of petition the very next morning District Administration Malir officials along with roughly 100 botchers and over 200 police officers reached the farm of importer where the remaining 11,360 Australian sheep were being kept . After taking control of the farm from employees of PK Livestock, they then started culling of the Sheep in the same inhuman manners by slitting their throats in haste and throwing their carcasses on the truck to be buried in trenches outside the farm. The culling of sheep is being carried out by the Provincial Live stock officials, said deputy commissioner Malir, Qazi Jan Muhammad to news reporters . They completed the culling of 22 thousands Sheep on Saturday October 20 of 2012.



1. Qaim Ali Shah ... Chief minister Sindh province.

2. Tariq Mehmood Butt ...Owner of PK livestock and meat company.

3. Nazeer Kalhoro ...Director of Sindh poultry Vaccine center

4 Director general and Directors of Provincial Livestock and fisheries

Islamabad = Capital of Pakistan

Sindh = 2nd biggest province of Pakistan

Karachi = Capital of Sindh ( the biggest city of Pakistan)

Malir = A district of karachi city ( here are 6 district in Karachi)

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