Simsbury High School Walk-Out for Pro 1st & 2nd Amendment Rights

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The Problem :

We are the students, we are the future of America, and it is time that we, teenagers , speak our minds and put our frustrations into action. Students of Simsbury the way to be heard is here! There has been too much endorsing of politically controversial topic over the past week in Simsbury High School. By endorsing the so called "school walk out" seen in March, 14th, 2018 the school has neglected it's dutiful responsibility to stay impartial in politically charged affairs. This is a violation of free speech as it involves a government entity pushing the policy of gun control. In order to remain impartial it is now the responsibility of the school to give those with differing opinions a voice in the matter at hand. As of this day we must sign this petition insisting that the school give all it's students the same luxuries that were provided to those who supported the school sponsored walk out.

These are to include the following

  1. 17 Minutes of uninterrupted time for any we wish to speak
  2. Both a podium and speaker system set up on the steps outside the main entrance to the building
  3. Provided security for any who decide to voice their opinion in this protest and wait outside as it occurs.
  4. The presence of both various teachers and most importantly, one Mr. Andrew O'brien as his presence was not only evident but emphasized in the last protest.

The Plan:

We propose that with the needed support we march into the principle's office and insist that as he has decided to give voice to certain students as it pertains to gun-related issues it is his responsibility to give those with differing opinions the same privilege. It is never the place of a school to reward it's students for taking sides on a partisan issue, and in order to make right this willfully committed wrong, we must insist that we are provided all the same luxuries as our peers who have different political stances. With enough signatures we will confront the school administration and insist that our voice be heard.

The Purpose:

Don't sign it for the 2nd amendment sign it for the 1st. Schools like ours have little to no compassion for what struggles we may face, but rather use instances like the parkland shooting to deify their own self image as they use our most talented and passionate students to state their personal political beliefs. By signing this petition you are stating that you have a voice, you are stating that that voice is not determined by your school, but rather by your own self-determined judgement. By signing this petition you are insisting that it is not the place of the school to determine how YOU feel about an issue ; whether that be the right to own a gun, or anything else you can imagine.

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