Simple and practical solution to the global climate change challenge

Simple and practical solution to the global climate change challenge

4 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Hassan Syed

Global Climate Change due to our use of fossil fuels has reached a tipping point where current inaction is costing human lives, suffering, and economic loss. This must stop and people responsible for this mess shall be held accountable.

I, Hassan Syed, the main petitioner, am a Pakistani and I don’t want our country to go to the world begging for aid. We did not cause this climate catastrophe and we shall not be paying the heavy price for the damages caused by others.

With this petition, we the global citizens demand a general assembly vote at the United Nations to develop a sustainable and equitable model for a cleaner future.  The problem is simple, we have damaged the environment already and we continue to damage it further. We need to address both issues.

The solution is simple, we need to make countries pay for the excessive damages they already have caused, and we all shall start paying the real price of fossil fuels in the future.

If countries responsible for contributing excessively to the greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere do not agree to an equitable solution by the end of 2022, a case shall be filed, by the Pakistani government, and other affected countries that are at the receiving end, at the international criminal court against the top polluters for the mass killing of people across the world and claim financial damages due to extreme weather conditions across the globe.

I did not want to start this petition without offering a workable solution. Here is a straw model that can be further discussed and debated at the UN General Assembly but the countries that have caused this damage shall not be allowed to use their veto power to stop this.


For the past damages:
1. Calculate fossil fuel consumption per year per country from 1923 to 2022. This data shall be available easily.
2. Calculate consumption per capita by country and calculate the median.
3. Make every country that has used fossil fuels above the global median per capita deposit the fossil fuel clean-up amount into the global fund, paid over the next 25 years. The amount shall be calculated in today's price of sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

For future damages:
1. Calculate the cost of carbon sequestering per barrel of crude oil burned, adjusted by the UN every year.
2. Sequestering cost is added to the gas prices at the source and collected by the UN in a global climate fund. This way everyone will start paying a fair price in the future.

The United Nations shall set up a governing body that consists of countries below the global median per-capita oil consumption. The money shall be used with the approval of the governing body in various ways to pay the damages due to extreme weather conditions, sequester carbon, and develop clean energy projects.

Benefits of this model:

  • Countries are held accountable for what they have done but in a manageable way. Their short-term cost of production will increase, giving a competitive advantage to the countries that have contributed less carbon to the environment.
  • Countries that continue to use fossil fuels will pay the right price worldwide.
  • less developed countries will have the opportunity to grow their economies on renewable forms of energy at a faster rate, creating overall equity globally. 

I invite all sensible people in the world to join this campaign and push for quick action.

Please leave your comments on how to make the proposed model more equitable and practical.

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Signatures: 420Next Goal: 500
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