Hold Byron Shire council accountable for deaths due to unchecked anti-vaxx sentiment

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Byron Shire has the lowest vaccination rates in Australia due to widespread anti-vaccination sentiment. Rates of whooping cough incidence are soaring in the region, and resulted in the death of two babies during the 2009-2012 outbreak. Reduced herd immunity due to low vaccination rates means we are on track for another tragedy.

The Byron Shire council, who has a clear responsibility to protect and serve those in their care, has done little to nothing to combat this. Vaccines are proven safe well beyond reasonable doubt, and the benefits are clear. However, anti-vaccination documentaries full of misinformation such as Vaxxed and Sacrificial Virgins are allowed to screen at council halls, despite being shutdown elsewhere in Australia.

A motion was put forward by the council to disallow the use of council venues to spread dangerous misinformation, but was voted against 5 to 3. The mayor of Byron Shire, Cr. Simon Richardson, has made it clear he is unwilling to do anything to prevent further loss of life.

Freedom of speech ends when one's actions, words and decisions put their children and the entire community at risk. Join us in demanding that Cr. Simon Richardson and the Byron Shire council does more to reduce the risk of illness and death in their council, or be held accountable.