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Have Pavel Chekov either killed or written out of the next Trek film in any way possible.

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In June this past horrible 2016, we lost the youngest member of the cast of the wildly popular Star Trek Reboot series, Anton Yelchin.

And in losing him, we lost the Chekov that we all know and love. 

Over the past few weeks I have been seeing people say that he should be transferred to the USS Reliant as that ships commander.

I know that this is a rebooted franchise and to quote Spock from the 2009 film "Whatever [their] lives may have been, [their] destinies have changed."

That means that Chekov will not be Commander of the Reliant in his future.

I realize that fans have very little say in the matter, but it is my firm belief that the character should be killed off.

Don't show us a funeral, just elude to it.

Say that he died protecting the ship and or Captain Kirk.

Or have Chekov retire from Starfleet early and let him live out the rest of his life in Russia or somewhere on Earth.

I, like Walter Koenig and many others, applaud JJ's decision to not recast the character as Anton had been the character for Star Trek 2009 and its sequels Into Darkness in 2013 and Beyond in 2016, and JJ already said that believes "Anton deserves better."

This devastating loss we all endured in June hurt, it did. I know it doesn't seem right continuing the series without him.

'Everything comes to an end, and that's always sad, but things also begin again and that's always happy. Be happy.'-The Doctor.

My conclusion from that quote is that, Chekov is definitely going to be retired and it's going to be hard to say goodbye to such an amazing character, but we will also be welcoming in a new crew member and that's going to be happy.

Saying goodbye to those we so love is always hard on us but we continue to endure in this life in the hopes that we will all be reunited with them one day. 

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