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Simon Malls-Menlo Park Mall : Remain Closed on Thanksgiving Day or Open at 2AM on Black Friday, Not Open Both Days!

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I among many others work in Menlo Park Mall, and mall employees schedules are very sporadic and unpredictable making our life very difficult to schedule and keep stable at times. Mall employees encompass all demographics from struggling college students, single parents, struggling individuals barely making ends meet, young adults, seniors that need to work but shouldn’t have to. The fact that we may not even be granted the same relaxation or be able to spend a National Holiday that gives thanks for our families with our family is absolutely and indubitably absurd! There are so many people that already travel far to get to work, so they will have to leave even earlier, or may have to wake up from sleeping through Thanksgiving dinner because they have to work. The Menlo Park Mall owned by Simon Malls want to open at 8PM on Thanksgiving day meaning the people who travel far will have to leave their barely existent holiday meal earlier than ever. This 8PM mall opening on Thanksgiving is one step closer to the freedom hard working people who ALL have families or friends who are family to losing freedom, love, and enjoyment of family that Federal Holidays merit every other citizen and erasing the norms that are a quality of life. Employees will not see family they may not have seen in months or even years, others will not be able to enjoy a holiday that just helps them relax because they don’t have many chances to, others will have time taken away from a child. In addition to store employees like myself, I thought about the mall maintenance employees who on regularly scheduled days still arrive hours earlier than others and also most times I notice mall maintenance employees working from the morning to the closing hours of the day. The custodial staff in my eyes deserves that time to be home because a lot of times I think the value of these peoples work can easily be overlooked. The few holidays that grant Mall employees the ability to enjoy a day away from work should not be jeopardized or completely relinquished by corporate greed, because quite frankly while the corporate employee is relaxing with their family we will be suffering from a slap in the face. This petition I strongly believe will help serve as a reminder of the importance of holidays, time with family or friends, and that quality of life for every person should never be taxed, devalued or not considered. Please help us maintain the dignity of Thanksgiving and the reason we give thanks because I love my family and though I am not working on Thanksgiving Day knowing that the mall is open and people are being forced to work is very unsettling and i am sure this will resonate with others as it has in me!

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