Keep Chief Logan Reservation Open

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The Simon Kenton Council Properties Committee has recommended the closure and sale of Chief Logan Reservation by September 1, 2020. Discussion and a vote will occur at the Simon Kenton Board meeting on November 14, 2019 at 4:30 PM in the Scout office at Kinnear Road.

Known affectionally as “CLR,” Chief Logan Reservation is not your typical camp.  For over 50 years, CLR has served as a “home away from home” for thousands of scouts and scouters.  With its open and flexible program, as well as the “friendliest staff in the country,” CLR provides an unparalleled summer camp experience—one that extends well-beyond the camp itself.  Indeed, the camp boasts an active Staff Alumni Association that, while unaffiliated with council, consists of nearly 500 members, who support CLR through fundraising, camp-improvement projects, sponsorships, and by promoting the spirit and magic of CLR.  Many members haven’t worked at camp for decades, though continue to support CLR.  

Of course, we understand that difficult decisions sometimes have to be made.  However, we urge Simon Kenton Council to exhaust all possible options short of closing CLR.  Such an action would not only sadden the thousands who have experienced the Magic of CLR since the camp opened its doors in the 1960’s, but would also deprive future generations of scouts in and out of Ohio of one of the most magical camps in this country.