Make Croc 3: Stones of the gobbos or hd remaster of croc 1 and 2

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It is time for the 3D platformer legend to come back. The first game was a great success and it has 8 out of 10. And the second game has a challenge and new mixed what this game is so fun and hard. And it ends on the major cliffhanger. You were planning for the third game to end a trilogy but your company is gone. I would say that the fans still remember this, wanted this, and making this a thing. I say this petition try to prove that the fans of Croc still alive, but this is the first start. If this petition works (even if we try), you should make a Kickstarter to finally end the trilogy.

Update (1/21/2018): This could bring Croc to the new generations of gamers. Not to mention that next year it's a Year of 3D platformers. #MakeCroc3 #MakeCrocHD #BringBackCroc

Update (9/8/2017): This year starting at September 29, 2017 marks the year of Croc 20th anniversary, share this to everyone.