Start human clinical trials on whole plant based cannabis medical treatments

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Without clinical evidence doctors are reluctant to prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients, even if they are permitted by law or particular instruction from a politician. This is due to the lack of clinical evidence that, if carried out would reinforce the existing sudies for the effectiveness and safety of cannabis plant as a medicine for a range of illnesses and as a non toxic pain reliever.

The lack of evidence and trials is also the main excuse given by politicians and others as to why they are stalling and staggering the roll out of medicinal cannabis for many illnesses in Ireland and across the world, and one of the reasons why they are recommending pharmaceutical products that are synthetically derived from the real plant. Nature is how it is meant to be. Nature has given us this plant. Government has no right to block access to this plant for medicinal, recreational or otherwise. 

There is an urgency to find alternatives to harsh opiod based pain killers. Cannabis offers this alternative.

From existing research full spectrum meaning all available and compounds of the plant work together to provide a range of benefits and effects on the human body. The endocannabinoid is one of the biggest systems in the human body and put simply it promotes homeostasis in our cells. Meaning it helps our cells function in a balanced way. From existing studies the range of potential benefits is astounding. But it's still unproven. Thousands of people need the evidence. Doctors need the evidence so work and treatment of this plant can be done. I don't think any rational society can ignore the potential benefits of cannabis any longer. We simply need scientific study of this plant and it's many properties. ASAP

Many existing products only use synthetically derived based on a single compound at a time and fail to include the dozens of compounds available from the whole cannabis plant.

Its clear we need human clinical trials to study the benefits of whole plant cannabis in treating many illnesses, not just as a pain killer or an apetite inducer. There is plenty of anecdotal accounts and animal based trials that show the potential of cannabis, but not enough human trials. People like Rick Simpson, Dr Christina Sanchez, Dr. Jason McDougall and Dr. Sheng-Ming Dai to name but a few, have done amazing work to date, let them and others do more so that there is facts and no doubt to hide behind!

Let us see the truth and evidence when it comes to using this plant as medicine. Not hearsay and doubt. So start these trials so people can get on with their lives, let the doctor decide based on facts, not what product is pushed by big pharma, so people can treat themselves in a more natural and healthy way!