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A  pitbull named Kron  ( who has only 3 working legs ) in Josephine county has been sentenced to die by Josephine county commissioner Simon Hare. ( 541-474-5221 ) A longer story will be provided on the event page. The Kron escaped his yard and went exploring. It is assumed he was startled by a neighbors horse and gave it a small nip, one that didn't even require medical attention, just a small laceration on it muzzle. The neighbor proceeded to shoot Kron in the head. Understandably now scared for his life Kron attempted to run away and while writhing on the ground near the neighbors wife, growled. The man shot him in the head again. Still alive, mom at this point was able to intervene and rush Kron to the vet where they were able to save him after a lengthy surgery. After life saving measures were undertaken she was informed by the commissioners that a hold was being placed on Kron. That Kron would be euthanized Friday as a "dangerous animal". This is a dog that has never been in trouble, never hurt a fly and is much loved by the children who are his family. Mr. Share told them as they pleaded for their dogs life, "come on it's just a dog". PLEASE! Don't let Kron die. Please lend your voices and come to the animal shelter and stand in solidarity with a hurting family trying to save their friends life. HE ONLY HAS TWO DAYS!!! If you can't come in person please call AND email the commissioner.... this is a heinous disregard for a well loved member of a family that quite literally didn't hurt anyone or any animal. If you have your four legged friend sitting next to you while you read this... think of how lucky they and you are to be comfortable and not in pain... and not facing death over a trivial matter, facing death for the second time in days.

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