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British Heart Foundation: Stop Cruel Animal Experiments!

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Millions of dogs (including beagles and Labradors), pigs, sheep, mice, fish and various other creatures die in extreme experiments every single year at the hands of the British Heart Foundation!

Are they really "Fighting for every heart beat?"

Organisations of doctors such as the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) state that animal experiments are an outdated practice that severely lack any true benefit to modern medicine. Their concern lies with the fact that 95% of medication side effects are only discovered when they reach human trials and are not discovered in the animals first due to their very different DNA and biology. The PCRM promote the use of more effective and ethical methods such as Computer Analysis which uses human DNA without actually causing any harm.

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British Heart Foundations animal testing laboratories do not allow any access or footage to be released to the public. So undercover animal rights activists have had to put up a struggle to obtain footage such as this. -

Animals exist for their own purposes and not for human purposes. Every being on the planet is born equal just like all races and genders are equal. To believe that humans are superior to all other non-human animals is called human supremacy.

By animal testing, the British Heart Foundation is proving that they care more about profits rather than actually curing people. We can see this clearly as they never promote the fact that a plant based diet can prevent and even reverse many cases of heart disease. Their employees are also paid ridiculously high wages; take the CEO Simon Gillespie for example who was paid the ridiculous sum of over £174,000 in 2016! It becomes clear that this organisation is actually a business and not a charity. 


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