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Stop the social cleansing of Brixton. Stop the evictions of tenants from Loughborough Park Estate.

We call on Guinness Trust to securely rehouse all those shorthold (AST) tenants on Loughborough Park estate who they are currently trying to evict.

We do not believe that Housing Associations (who have charitable status and pay no tax supposedly because they help poor people) should be allowed to uproot low-income residents from their homes and communities in order to build new apartments to be sold at full market rate.

Many residents facing eviction have lived there over ten years and their children are in local schools. Few of them can afford private rents to stay in Brixton.

Yet Rachel Sharpe, Lambeth Council Divisional Director for Housing says the Guinness regeneration “heralds a fantastic new era” and the Council permitted this new development for a promise of a measly 30 new social housing units.

 We call on Lib Peck to stand up to Guinness and side with her residents who are being evicted rather than their social cleansing landlord.

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    Simon Dow
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    Lib Peck

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