Letter of Support - Canada Council for the Arts Commitment to The Arts and Climate Change

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On January 15th, 2020 the Canada Council for the Arts shared a blog post from Director and CEO, Simon Brault regarding its commitment to the Arts and Climate Change. This post highlighted the consensus on climate change and the overwhelming support by the majority of Canadians for the global demands by youth for climate action. The post called for Climate Justice, highlighting that Northern Canada, which is majority Indigenous, will see more extreme change than anywhere else in Canada. 

To use your own words, this statement shared that the council is currently developing its strategic plan for 2021–26, and that you are looking to take a solid and consistent position on the issue of climate change. It also mentioned that your position will include an authentic Indigenous perspective, and an international and inclusive point of view. The full text of the statement can be read here: https://canadacouncil.ca/spotlight/2020/01/the-arts-and-climate-change

This letter is meant as a response from the Canadian arts community. Many of us, who are currently working to address climate change through the arts, have spoken with representatives of the Council over the years and have expressed our desire for the Council to take a leadership role on this issue. We are writing to you now to express our gratitude for the strong stance this post has taken. We look forward to working together in collaboration with the CCA to take ambitious steps towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. We recognize the unique economic, social and environmental challenges related to climate change that are ahead for our diverse and geographically dispersed nation.

Each one of us, as we face our individual, local, and regional challenges to re-imagine a sustainable world, is prepared to continue to do the hard work required, and are excited by the opportunities that this dedicated council commitment and support will provide.

Drafted by

Ian Garrett
Director, Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts


Andrew Davies
Executive Director, No. 9

Image: Observed changes (°C) in annual temperature across Canada between 1948 and 2016, based on linear trends. From Chapter 4 Figure 4.3. from Bush, E. and Lemmen, D.S., editors (2019): “Changes in northern Canada” Canada’s Changing Climate Report; Government of Canada, Ottawa, ON.