Say NO! To 5-storey flats right on Champion Hill!

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Say NO! To 5-storey flats right on Champion Hill!

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Charlie A started this petition to Southwark Council Planning Department

Story so far:

  1. Southwark Council is planning to erect a 5-storey block of flats right on Champion Hill at the junction with Dog Kennel Hill.
  2. The new Block will be right on Champion Hill roadway, not set back from the road like every other building.
  3. The trees and green lawns to the side and in front of the present 2-storey Seavington House will disappear.

  4.  A second 4-storey Block is also to be built next to it along Champion Hill.

  5. The open and green aspect of the 4-way junction at Dog Kennel Hill will be destroyed.
  6. Historic East Champion Hill’s open tree-lined avenue will vanish.


Action so far:

In response to queries, Southwark claim that the 5-storey height is in line with other roof heights  to the south down Dog kennel Hill



  • 5 storeys on the top of the hill will be higher
  • 5-storeys is NOT in line with all the 2-3 storeys in the surrounding area to the north ( Grove Lane, Champion Hill north-side)
  • 5 storeys thus do not fit in with the surrounding area; they will dominate Champion Hill and completely change its nature
  • The large new blocks will be right on the roadway
  • This is partly because Southwark have already given planning permission for a further, private 5-storey development of 9 houses to be built immediately to the south down Dog Kennel Hill
  • Because the two new blocks will be far less than the recommended distance away from the new private development down Dog Kennel Hill, the new residents will suffer reduced levels of sunlight and privacy.
  • Do Southwark Council planners want quality homes for their tenants - or are they simply building the slums of the future?
  • The planned 35 new flats will bring increased traffic noise and pollution to the already narrow roadway of Champion Hill and the steep sharp turn from Dog Kennel Hill
  • John Smart, architect of the new private block has denounced Southwark’s plan as a “numbers game” which “fails on all counts”



What you can do:

  1. Sign this petition asking Southwark to reconsider the heights and position of these 2 new blocks
  2. Send your protest to all of the people listed below


Southwark Council Planning Department:


Simon Bevan, Director of Planning, Southwark Council: <>

Local South Camberwell Ward Councillors:

Peter John ( Council Leader): <>
Sarah King: <>
Olivia Lamb: <>


Louise Scannell, Weston Williamson Partners: <>

This petition will be presented to the next Meeting of the Seavington House Project Group on 18 January 2017

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This petition had 355 supporters

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