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Ocean Villas at Kahalu'u Bay,LLC is seeking a Special Management Permit to build 306 multi units, timeshare, 43 acre project area, on Historical Preservation Land. The property is owned by Kamehameha Investment Corp. The Hawaiian Chiefs should be respected to RIP! Building concrete condos without Full archeological survey, and not including past 7 reports because it was too large. Documentary research of 1929-1930, Ahupua'a of Kahalu'u probably had the Greatest number of archaeological sites to be found on the Island. Kahalu'u Ahupua'a has legendary associations with chiefly Kamehameha I and III., occupation estimated to date from the early AD 1600s. The dense concentration of heiau and large elite residences in and around coastal Kahalu'u are attributed to the presence of various ruling chiefs. A number of Ali'i are associated historically with and lived in the Kahalu'u area. Kalani'opu'u (ruler, 1760-1782) lived in the region of Kahalu'u and Keauhou. Kamehameha I and his retinue stayed for periods of them at Kahalu'u and repaired serveral area Heiau. Ke'eaumuku Papa'iahiahi was awarded Kahal'u and Keauhou after Kamehameha I united the Hawaiian Islands. His daughter Queen Ka'ahumanu, and his son, Governor John Adams Ki'iapalaoku Kuakini, were born in Kahalu'u. Kakuikeaouli Kamehameha III was born in Kahalu'u. King David Kalakaua had a residence along side Po'o Hawaii Pond. Kahalu'u Ahupua'a was granted to Victoria Kamamalu during the Mahele as Land Commission Award 7713:6, Royal Patent 6856. LCA 7713 was for 5,443 acres. The archaeology study was not fully studied because of dense vegetation covered on obscured potential lava tube entrance and "ubiquitous mounds and modified out crops"..were not identified these conditions indicate that the potential to encounter undocumented features in high within the parcel inland of the Kuakini Historic and some sites contain TRADITIONAL HAWAIIAN FEATURES that continued to be used into the HISTORIC PERIOD. EARLY HISTORIC ARTIFACTS CAN BE ANTICIPATED. Portable remains will be collected and place in PAPER BAGS recovered charcoal samples will be deposited in ALUMINUM FOIL for analysis.

Traffic study presented to the County was done on September 7, 2012 knowing it would be the deadest time of the year, when kids were in school, and it was not a peak time for tourist. Kona population has only shown growing each year, yet, compared to a report of 2005 the count is significantly lower for 2012. Old history study should not be accepted. No requirement for stop sign, turning lane, or traffic signal is asking for traffic and congestion. The project had been in planning for years now, their original plan for the access was the Ali'i Highway, which now will never be built because of all the sacred  Heiau. With that being said, this entire project does not have adequate access in case of Emergency. Alii drive is in a Tsunami Zone. People will be obliged to leave the area during evacutions. The new plan is to use La'aloa for emergency, which took years to open after the Alii Heights subdivision opened.  La'aloa was Not intended for Ocean Villas added 306 time shares. So, for the safety of the general public and residence this should not be allowed. Tsunami is a matter of life or death. Sudden movement along faults close to Hawaii are unpredictable, and would allow for a few minutes to perhaps an hour of warning time, and evacuation would be Problematic! Wildfire is also a concern in this part of North Kona, where fires are started by Arson, motor vehicles, and firecrackers.

Endangered Hawaiian Hoary Bat is mentioned is their documents, construction contract conditions should prohibit removal or trimming of woody plants taller than 15 feet from June 1 to Sept 15 each year. This period is the most vulnerable time in the Bat Birthing and Pup rearing season, and refraining from vegetation removal or trimming is recognized as appropriate by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service in recent Endangered Species Act consultations ( e.g.see HDOT 2012). Yet the plans show Buildings will be where existing Huge trees are in place!!

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