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Stop the production and marketing of "Similac for Supplementation"

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For thousands of years women have successfully breastfed their babies; it is why we are alive today. However, over the past 100+ years misinformation and greed have lead to sub-par alternative foods (i.e. infant formula). It is morally reprehensible to prey on the concerns of breastfeeding mothers as Similac is now doing. Their newest formula specifically targets nursing mothers which can be detrimental to a healthy breastfeeding relationship with their child. They are undermining mothers' innate abilities to breastfeed their babies. The marketing of "Similac for Supplementation" insinuates that there's a time every nursing mother should begin giving their child formula. Formula in general is unhealthy; it's a leading cause of childhood obesity, diabetes, malnutrition and has even caused death (just to name a few). There is a vicious cycle when it comes to giving babies formula, even for supplementation. The baby gets a bottle of formula so he skips a nursing session, the mother's milk demand decreases which slows production, the mother's supply then lessens and baby get impatient at the breast, the baby wants the ease of a bottle so he gets formula. Isn't it bad enough that new mothers have "freebies" shoved down their throat after giving birth at a hospital? Now Similac is stooping so low as to try to pull successful nursing mothers down this true slippery slope. It's one thing to market to women who choose not to breastfeed from day one, but it's another very evil thing to market to perfectly healthy nursing mothers. Join me in asking Similac and Abbott Laboratories to stop the production and marketing of "Similac for Supplementation." Breastfeeding is what's best for babies, moms and society as a whole - don't let Similac ruin it.

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