Promote Justice in Simi Valley

Promote Justice in Simi Valley

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Saturday, June 6th's protests show that Simi Valley is a city begging for change. Our city has for too long been known for racial injustice and our leaders have an obligation to promote justice on all levels of our city. Inspired by the continued Black Lives Matter protests across the world please join local Simi Valley youth organizers in making these demands to the Simi Valley Unified School District, Simi Valley City Council, and Simi Valley Police Department.

Simi Valley Unified School District

  1. Keep Our Schools Police Free
    The presence of police officers on campus has been proven to lead to negative outcomes for black and Latino students who face significantly higher discipline and arrest rates than their white peers. Our school district must work to eliminate officers from our learning environment.
  2. Invest in Public Health
    While student’s safety should remain a priority, increasing the staffing levels of counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers would be more effective at keeping our students safe at school with preventive measures rather than reactionary ones.
  3. Value Diversity in Hiring
    Promote hiring a more diverse staff to help form stronger communities in schools.
  4. Diversify Learning
    The teaching materials our students interact with primarily tell the stories of western, white, male, and middle-class narratives, our educators have a responsibility to ensure our education reflects the world around us.
    This notably should extend beyond any single subject as we should recognize the accomplishments made by women and people of color in all fields such as Mary Jackson, Rosalind Franklin, Maya Angelou, and countless others.
  5. Recognize Indigenous People’s Day
    Indigenous People’s Day should be recognized by the school district in the same capacity that “Columbus Day” historically has been.

City of Simi Valley

  1. Reject Mike Judge
    Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Judge has repeatedly shown his lack of regard for his office and the rest of the city council must support his immediate censure and must also commit to stripping him of the honor of Mayor Pro-Tem status. Mike Judge has an obligation to our city to resign.
  2. Commit to Recognizing Black History Month
    Recognize the month of February as Black History Month each year.
  3. Honor Diversity at All Levels
    Encourage diversity wherever possible including but not limited to appointments, task forces, Youth Council, advisory boards, committees, etc.
  4. Reallocate Funding
    Take funding away from the Simi Valley Police Department to fund “Community Safety Officers” to deal with housing needs, senior issues, mental health services, etc.

Simi Valley Police Department

  1. Demilitarize
    End the purchase and usage of military weaponry as well as the usage of rubber bullets and teargas.
  2. End No-Knock Raids
  3. Establish Community Oversight
    Establish an all-civilian oversight structure with discipline power that includes a Police Commission and Civilian Complaints Office.
  4. Impose Regular Implicit Bias and Descelation Training
    These trainings should be conducted at least twice a year.
    This should be accomplished without budget increases.
  5. Increased Training
    Lengthen the amount of training required of officers before they go on the force with an increased emphasis on nonviolence.
  6. Hold Officers Accountable
    Withhold pensions and don’t rehire cops involved in the use of excessive force.
    Suspend the use of paid administrative leave for cops under investigation.
    Immediately fire police officers who have repeated excessive force complaints.