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Petitioning Silvio Berlusconi

Fire the current AC Milan coach, Massimilano Allegri

We, the rossoneri fans, are sick and tired with Allegri's lack of solutions, technicality and tactics. We cannot stand this man anymore. The team is not playing like they should, like champions. I kept waiting but I could not see anything improving. The team lacks the champions mentality and that is all due to Allegri and his ordinary tactics and solutions. I wonder why he requested matri, who is useless by the way, when it was so clear that we needed a defender. Look at all those goals we are conceding from set pieces, what is Allegri doing in training? He keeps injuring players. His methods are questionable, he is not the right man for Milan. It hurts my eyes and my heart when I see Milan playing like they do now.Allegri lacks passion and self-esteem, if I were him, I would have resigned a long time ago.

Allegri has to go, it is as simple as that. Bring Pippo, he is a champion and we have confidence in his ability. 

Letter to
Silvio Berlusconi
Dear Mr. Silvio Berlusconi,
The AC Milan fans all over the world are tired with Massimiliano Allegri being in charge of the team. We beg you to fire him as he is not adequate to a team like Milan, a team with history, a team of champions. He lacks the passion and he is clueless. We want him to be fired because we have lost our patience with him. He is damaging the Ac Milan football brand.