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Silenced Hoofbeats: End Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption


Even though 80% of Americans are opposed to the slaughter of horses for human consumption, on November 18, 2011 President Barack Obama very quietly signed a law reversing the 2006 ban on horse slaughter in America. This action breaking his campaign promise to permanently ban horse slaughter for human consumption once and for all.
Horse Slaughter is Inhumane- Equine slaughter is not humane euthanasia. Slaughter is a brutal and terrifying end to a horse’s life. Horses are often shipped for more than 24 hours at a time without food or water in overcrowded trucks. Many die before they reach their destination. The slaughter process is not quick or painless; horses often fight for their lives while enduring blows to the head and having their throat slit.
Horses Are Not Raised for Food- Horses that are sent to slaughter were not raised for human consumption. All horses, not just racehorses are administered drugs such as dewormer, fly spray, Furazone Ointment and Phenylbutazone. These drugs are found in the meat of horses and are highly toxic to humans. This tainted butchered meat is then shipped overseas where it is regarded as a delicacy.
By signing this petition you are calling for a permanent ban on horse slaughter for human consumption within our borders as well as shipping horses abroad for slaughter.

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