Sikkim Paragliding Accident Kills Doctor Eesha Reddy

Sikkim Paragliding Accident Kills Doctor Eesha Reddy

April 11, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Laxmi S

On 1st April, 2022 Dr. Eesha Reddy lost her life due to a Paragliding accident in Sikkim, India. 

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Eesha was a 23 year old MBBS student from ASRAM Medical College in Eluru, AP. She was a diligent student and strived for excellence. After four long years of dedicating her life to studying medicine, Eesha graduated and earned the title Doctor. In addition to being a stellar student, Eesha was a loving daughter, sister, and friend. 


Prior to her Residency(Internship) program, she decided to go on a trip with her friends to Sikkim, India to celebrate her academic success. Disaster stuck there due to poor safety measures of the Sikkim tourism in general and paragliding operators in particular.

Three days into the trip, the girls were eager to try paragliding and ended up finding a firm in LaChung called LaChung Paragliding. 

A person from trip package company (Wondertree Holidays pvt ltd) had given a contact and that person convinced them to go to a paragliding company that was operated by his own cousin, Achu Tashi.

That morning, the girls drove to the take-off spot and arrived early, eagerly awaiting their adventure. Four girls geared up and took off one by one. Eesha took off with three other friends. Eesha and the girls were so excited, exchanging waves and smiles in the air. One by one, three out of four girls landed and they noticed that Eesha went missing!!

The girl who was waiting to take the next ride too noticed that Eesha’s paraglider did not land. It appears that, while in the air, the pilot and Eesha tried to release the parachute, but were stuck because of a cable wire which is across the Lachung river. Due to this, the parachute lost its air pressure and both the pilot and Eesha fell into the river. The strong water current swept the two for almost ten minutes and ended up stuck in a pit, next to a boulder. Though the nearby Indian Military base responded quickly and launched a search and rescue operation in the Lachung river together with ITBP and local police, they couldn’t save them. We appreciate all the work rescue teams, ITBC and Military did.

Because of the non-existent safety measures, we lost our dearest Eesha!!


Our family is shattered and in tremendous pain and agony with this incident. We understand that we could never bring back Dr. Eesha Reddy or the Pilot (Sandeep Gurung), but we don’t want any other family to go through this loss, pain, agony and suffering. The worst pain someone can experience is losing a loved one; no one should have to go through that. 

We know that no one can get back Eesha and Pilot(Sandeep Gurug).It is to make sure no other person dies with the mistakes that the Paragliding company and TOURISM of SIKKIM is doing and had done in the past. NO single PERSON OR FAMILY SHOULD LOSE THEIR LOVED ONCE AND GO THROUGH THIS PAIN.

Through this petition, we want to raise awareness of the deplorable safety standards of the tourism industry in Sikkim in general and paragliding operators in particular. We want the state and central government to take swift actions and remedial measures to address the following -

Not one, not two, but there are multiple reasons which caused this tragic incident - 

  1. The paragliding firm is not even registered, yet it was allowed to operate and kill innocent visitors.
  2. How can a new pilot, without any orientation to a new site be allowed to take tourists for a ride?
  3. It is even unsure, if that hill they used for launching the glides is even the appropriate location for this activity, especially with those many low lying cables around, fast moving river beneath and close to a military base.
  4. There were no procedures in place for registering / checking in the tourists, no  one was briefed, informed of the risks and dangers associated in this ride. No consent / waiver forms were signed by the tourists.
  5. Non-existent search and rescue measures are in place. 
  6. Minimum safety measures were not put in place.. No Life jackets? Or stand by boat/personnel on the river banks.
  7. What is the area allocated(number of acres, etc) for Paragliding and if they miss their arbitrarily, what kind of safety measures should they be taking?In this instance, due to heavy wind, they missed their orientation and drift flew over the Lachung river. Shouldn't there be safety measures around the waters?
  8. What are all those cables near the paragliding site? How come these were allowed so close to the paragliding hill?

We ask the Sikkim Government, Sikkim tourism Ministry,  Government of INDIA and Tourism Minster to rectify the above and take measures measures to regulate this industry and ensure that no one will ever lose their precious and innocent life like Eesha did. 

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Signatures: 11,341Next Goal: 15,000
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