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Sign to Tell UW: Stop Torturing Monkeys for Medical Experiments

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Behind the well-guarded doors of the University of Washington primate labs, monkeys endure torturous procedures like having their skulls drilled open and electrodes inserted in their brains. Researchers my purposely induce convulsions in the monkeys, or implant painful coils in their eyes.

Many of these monkeys are helpless infants, killed by the time they reach their first birthday and are no longer “useful.”  The data from this barbaric research is of no help to humans, making the torture the animals are put under completely unnecessary.

Former UW researcher Kathy Benson reported that the university censored her research revealing the monkey’s horrific distress.  Benson witnessed the monkeys biting the metal bars of their cramped cages, and injuring themselves out of stress and trauma. All of this information was removed from her published research.

Benson believes that her research was covered up to suppress outcry about UW’s new animal research lab, currently under construction. This lab is being built underground, away from the eyes of the public -- a clear sign that UW has plenty to hide.

“If they see findings that may impact the way they do business, and they don’t want those findings to see the light of day, They are able to keep that from happening,” she said. 

In addition to being inhumane, the lab is also costing the university $18.5 million more than they originally budgeted. This huge sum could be put to much better use than funding another lab to torture animals.

The primate experiments at UW are cruel, barbaric, and completely unnecessary. Sign this petition to demand that UW stop these brutal tests and invest in modern, cruelty free testing instead.

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