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Sign to pass bill HB 19-55 HD1 protect Animals from abuse and neglect in the CNMI/Saipan!

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Saipan Cares for Animals president Beth Pliscou received the call this week. Someone had tied a heavy rock around a dog’s neck, and dropped the rock in the ocean. The dog was swimming for it’s life and when it got tired it would stop swimming and drown.

“A concerned citizen called about this dog. Some terrible individual did this and left the dog to die. Thankfully we received the call and were able to get the dog, and now he is resting with us at the Saipan Cares for Animals Community Outreach Center,” says Pliscou. “We will nourish him, vaccinate him and when he is fully recovered he will be available for adoption. We named him Gunner after the man that called us about him and saved his life.” (This is a picture of Gunner taken on Jan. 2, 2017. Who would try to murder such a sweet dog?)

The bigger issue? That this act, and many others like it are perfectly legal on Saipan.

“We have seen cases of a dog that had a bullet lodged in it’s heart, someone shot it,” says Sarah Gross, a volunteer with SCA. “We were able to save the dog. A cat came in and someone had split it’s head wide open, that cat as well we were able to save. We have had many cases of scalding hot oil poured on animals. This is extremely painful and we’ve been able to save some of these animals, and not save others. All of these acts are completely legal in Saipan, and we need the public’s support to pass a law to change it."

Congressman Ed Propst proposed a bill, HB 19-55 HD1 on April 24, 2015, but the bill has yet to be ratified.

“Animal protection laws for the CNMI are long overdue, as we are the only U.S. territory or state not to have any in place,” says Propst. “There have been numerous reports on incidents of animal cruelty that even include torture and maiming but no one can be prosecuted for these malicious attacks on domesticated animals because there are no laws against it. I am hopeful that our Senate will pass HB 19-55 HD1 so that domesticated animals can finally have a voice and some protection afforded to them."

“We are hoping to raise awareness of this issue with the public in general, and hopefully get our leaders to act and pass this bill to make life on Saipan better for animals. Therefore, we are asking any and all animal lovers to please contact our island representatives and urge them to pass this bill as soon as possible. If as a community we bring it to our leader’s attention that this is important to us, we can work together to make a difference,” says Jason Hudy, a volunteer with SCA.

If you could take two minutes out of your day to save the lives of many animals, please click this link,

and call or send an email to one of the following people. Francisco M. Borja. Arnold I. Palacios. Sixto K. Igisomar. Justo S. Quitugua.

If we have enough concerned people send them a message that this is an important topic to them, hopefully we can get our lawmakers to pass this law and make a better life for the animals in the CNMI! PLEASE CONTACT ONE OF OUR REPRESENTATIVES! AND PLEASE SHARE THIS POST WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN! And if you do call or email one of our senators, please leave a comment on this post that you did so we can say "thank you" to everyone who is able to help us!

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