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Sign to Oppose appointing Kellyanne Conway as the "opioid czar"

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I created this petition to urge United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reverse his decision appointing Kellyanne Conway as the "opioid czar". I call on lawmakers and other community leaders to join this humble protest.

To qualify, I ran for city council in Shoreline, Washington as the first female and Asian-American to run for office - publicly open as a person in long-term recovery from an opioid addiction. I did this because I witnessed many people, clueless to this topic, placed in positions of power affecting the people I love in negative ways. Millions of us are the most capable people in the world. We who stay in sobriety, cheat death every day simply by breathing. We were a population that woke up broke, rich by noon, every single day. And when we get help we need for a disease that by very definition, compulsively has us act against our own will - with treatment we not only recover, we thrive. We addicts are encouraged to practice the principle of anonymity. But it is time for us to step out into the world, break the stigma, and show that recovery is not only possible, it works.

For the appointment of Kellyanne Conway as the "opioid czar" - I am shocked and utterly disgusted with this decision. In the greater Seattle area, the place I call home, someone overdoses from opioids every 25 hours. I feel helpless. I feel anger. I feel frustration. Every single death is preventable. 

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week (6/25/17), Kellyanne Conway argued that it takes more than just money to solve the opioid crisis, “it takes a four-letter word called ‘will’.”

We need leaders with diplomatic skills and the ability to view addiction as a health crisis, not as a matter of "will" or as a crime. This is an issue that has the potential to bring the nation together because this affects us all. 

Addiction is not a partisan issue. Addiction does not care if you are black, white, or purple. It does not read your party registration. Addiction doesn’t CARE. Some have decided to use this issue to advance their careers, totally unqualified to tackle the topic. To them, I have one thing to say: “You are using the lives of addicts to further yourself – and people will die as the result.”

This isn’t about blue or red. No this is white. Because we are waving our white flag of surrender, a bitter dose of reality for a country that has never lost a war on paper. Well, we have lost the war on drugs. And we are losing the battle of addiction now with the opioid epidemic.

Kellyanne Conway has zero experience in drug policy but is running the White House opioid response.

In 2016, 50,000 Americans lost their lives to the opioid epidemic, according to the federal government’s preliminary count. Gov. Chris Christie likens the national death toll as the "equivalent to America enduring another 9/11 attack every two-and-a-half weeks"

She has become notorious for defending some of Trump's most blatant mistruths, and she pioneered the term "alternative facts" to excuse the president's troubles with the truth.

AG Jeff Sessions said the Justice Department was giving more than $12 million in grants to state and local law enforcement to help them prosecute crimes connected to heroin and other illicit drugs - zero towards treatment and recovery. Kellyanne Conway has expressed her support for these views.

For treating the opioid epidemic as a law enforcement issue rather than a health issue - for indicating her views as consistent with viewing addiction as a problem of "will" and a choice - for offering little to no experience at all whatsoever, bequeath with this massive responsibility of leading our nation's efforts tackling the opioid epidemic:

We find Kellyanne Conway shockingly unqualified for this role - and vehemently oppose her appointment. Not only is this decision baffling, it is recklessly irresponsible and downright dangerous for U.S. citizens everywhere. 

For these reasons above, we oppose the appointment of one Kellyanne Conway for the duties consistent with an 'opioid czar'. 

We find her recklessly untrustworthy and a danger to the country. We demand a repeal of the decision to appoint Ms. Conway and a swift decision considering whether we even need an 'opioid czar'.


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