Keep Australia safe from gun violence


Keep Australia safe from gun violence

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Alannah & Madeline Foundation started this petition to Commonwealth Government and all States and Territories

On Sunday 28 April 1996, six-year-old Alannah Mikac and her three-year-old little sister Madeline, were killed along with their mother, Nanette, and 32 others in a horrific mass shooting at Port Arthur.

“I lost everything that day,” said Walter Mikac, Founding Patron of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation.

In the weeks following the tragedy Walter, and others, worked to ensure gun law reforms were passed around the country; he couldn’t change what had happened on that terrible day, but he could make sure that other children were kept safe.

In the decade prior to Port Arthur, Australia experienced 11 mass shootings (four or more victims); since then, there has not been a single mass shooting and the gun-murder rate has almost halved.

Now, 20 years after our nation acted to stop more firearm deaths, Australia's gun laws are being quietly, and gradually weakened. This risks putting our children in danger again.

The changes are real and concerning.

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation is calling for urgent action to ensure that our firearm laws remain strong, and asks that:

1.   All states and territories pledge to ensure their gun laws are maintained in line with the National Firearms Agreement 1996, and continue to do so.

2.   All firearms capable of firing multiple shots in quick succession and which could be used to harm a number of people in a short amount of time should be restricted, including the Adler A110.

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This petition made change with 58,502 supporters!

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