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Sign to Free Mali, The Elephant So Lonely She Holds Her Own Tail for Comfort

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Mali the elephant was ruthlessly kidnapped from her family in Sri Lanka nearly 40 years ago. Since then, she has mostly lived all alone at the Manila Zoo in the Philippines. The poor elephant is so lonely, she has been spotted holding her own tail for comfort.

Mali is confined to a concrete pen of just 1000 square meters; the sparse enclosure is barren except for running water, a couple of balls, and a tire for her to play with.

The Manila Zoo has also cruelly denied Mali medical treatment, and her physical health is suffering. When elephant expert Dr. Henry Richardson examined her in 2012, he discovered that she has a few different foot ailments, including chronic pressure sores, overgrown nails, and cracked pads. If these aren’t treated, they could become infected and potentially grow fatal.

Mali displays other heartbreaking behaviors, too. She sometimes walks to the edge of her small enclosure, where she’ll put one foot outside the bars, hoping to take another step. When she sees that she can’t go any farther, she walks aimlessly around the enclosure, looked dejected.

There is hope for Mali. The 500-acre Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand has said they will take her. This reputable sanctuary would be the perfect place for the 43-year-old elephant to spend the rest of her life, but the Manila Zoo is refusing to send her.

It’s time for the Manila Zoo to let Mali go to a place where she will have the space she needs to roam, and where she will be able to interact with other elephants. Sign this petition to tell the Manila Zoo to send Mali to a sanctuary where she can get the medical care and community that she needs.

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