Stop Our retail Sales of Frisco Animals by Dec. 3, 2019 #SoSFriscoAnimals

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I am extremely humbled by your show of support. Please make sure to share this petition and Google other anti-puppy mill petitions on and sign those as well. Together, we will help create a better future for animals all over the world!

With your signature and support, my focus is to get the City of Frisco to pass ordinances that ban the sales of puppies and kittens by big businesses by Dec. 3, 2019. Frisco is a thriving city that wants ethical businesses to grow and flourish here.Will the City Council continue to tolerate a business that does not follow Frisco’s values or not address the glaring lack of updated ordinances to protect innocent animals? 

This petition's origin:

Petland Frisco has been open since 2003 and, over the years, people have petitioned, protested, sued, and gone undercover to reveal that there is no length Petland won’t go to make a quick dollar off of innocent lives. Petland Frisco buys from puppy mills, doesn’t offer timely veterinary care (as proven by Frisco PD citations), lets animals suffer in their own vomit and bloody diarrhea (as proven through videos from the Humane Society and their press release), and is suspected of putting sick animals like a bunny that was very likely still ALIVE in the freezer! We asked the City why they are not shut down? The root cause is lack of proper city ordinance.

[The paragraph below was added/amended on Sept. 23, 2019]

Per representatives from the City of Frisco, they believe the council does not want to shut down Petland because Frisco is pro-business. Fair enough. As fellow anti-puppy mill supporters, we believe that the systemic issue is not Petland itself, but the retail sales of animals.While we believe that his is just political nitpicking on the council's part, we are willing to redact our request to "shut down Petland" as our battle cry and center our focus on "establishing a city ordinance to end retail sale of animals." Similar ordinances have been passed El Paso, Austin, and Ft. Worth. It is doable, but the city has *reasons unknown* for refusing to listen to 10,000 voices, hundreds of protestors, numerous speakers at City Council and Town Hall meetings, and endless emails, phone calls, and more.

Key dates to track progress:

  • Sept. 12: News of HSUS investigation of Petland Frisco. Numerous citations were given to Petland by Frisco Police.
  • Sept. 13: This petition was created.
  • Sept. 17: On Tuesday, we took our 5,000+ signatures and comments to the City Council during their Citizens' Input session of the council meeting. We made 2 requests as noted above with the City of Frisco and spoke with the Chief of Police afterwards who is researching into other city ordinances around retail animal sales. A few more people including an advisory board member from the Texas Humane Legislation Network (they address unfair animal welfare laws) spoke as well. 
  • Sept. 28: Roughly 80 people participated in the Frisco Petland Protest hosted by Stop Frisco Animal Mill Sales
  • Sept. 30: Attend, dial-in, or Facebook Live the Frisco Town Hall. A handful of protestors, a veterinarian, a leader from the Texas Humane Legislation Network, and an ex-Petland customer attended to plead our case with the City. 

My ask of you:

  1. Help me get to my goal of 40,000+ signatures (Yes, that’s a crazy number, but this is Texas! #GoBigOrGoHome.) While I know the city hears us, we cannot stop signing and sharing this petition on Nextdoor app, Reddit, social media, texts to animal lovers and rescue groups, etc. The more long-term, sustained support we receive, the more likely we will finally pass ordinances in Frisco that will encourage businesses like Petland to change their practice AND prevent thousands of animals from neglect, torture and abuse! 
  2. Attend upcoming events in person when and if you can to make the most impact.
  3. Contact the local news stations asking for an update on Petland or why you want an ordinance on banning puppy mill sales: their contact info can be found here

Thank you!