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Resurrection is ABC's big hit set in Arcadia, MO.  But we don't see the beautiful mountains and peaceful valley on the show.

That's because Resurrection is filmed in and around Atlanta, GA.  

We love the show in the "real" Arcadia.  In fact, ABC gave us a pre-premiere advanced screening of the show.  But Arcadian fans can't help but wonder why our scenic area is replaced by something much less beautiful.

Over 700 fans of the real Arcadia and surrounding Arcadia Valley have signed this petition. This is pretty remarkable considering Arcadia is Population 608.  These supporters are from our area and also all over the world. Some are past residents, visitors and even fans of the show who found out we really exist.

We want to have Resurrection film in Arcadia, MO. As you can see from the video, we are a "slice of heaven." It would help resurrect our community and also be great publicity for ABC.

Yes, we know it isn't financially viable to pull up a whole show and move it once it is off the ground.  Our goals aren't that ambitious.  We want to see some of our beauty and charm represented in the show-- even if it is just a few exterior shots.

Just come to our area and see for yourself.  You will see why we deserve "Resurrection." 

Find out more about our efforts to resurrect Arcadia:

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I am respectfully petitioning for Resurrection to be filmed in Arcadia, MO. Right now the show is filmed outside of Atlanta at Screen Gems Studios and in McDonough, GA, although the show is fictionally set in Arcadia, MO.

Over 700 fans of the "real" Arcadia, MO agree we are truly a slice of heaven. We would like to see our beauty and charm represented in this hit television show. It would be great publicity for ABC and help us recover economically.

You can find out more about our efforts to resurrect Arcadia and why we deserve Resurrection at

We are grateful to ABC for giving us a pre-premiere advanced screening of Resurrection. But we believe we can do so much more for the success of the show.

One of the challenges for ABC is how to keep viewers engaged between seasons. It is hard to keep up the momentum after only 8 episodes. All signs point to the show being renewed. However, anything can happen between seasons.

Right now you have engaged and committed Arcadians championing the show. To film here would amplify that so much more. And it would have a ripple effect, Southeast Missouri, St. Louis, the Midwest, and small towns all over the country. It would be an amazing story for Resurrection to help the Resurrection of the real Arcadia, MO.

We aren't asking for charity. Everyone who signs this petition believes our area is truly a slice of heaven. What is more appropriate for a television show about lost loved ones returning?

We have ideas about how Resurrection could be filmed here. The simplest is to incorporate our area in exteriors. Or you could film a few scenes here. Or you could do a completely separate alternative bridge between seasons, whether webisodes or a multiplayer game (like Lost did). This last idea could be a helpful solution for how to keep viewers engaged between seasons.

We welcome all that are involved with the production of Resurrection to come to visit the real Arcadia and see for yourself.

Come see why Arcadia, MO deserves Resurrection.

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