CITY OF BOISE PARK AND RECREATION STOPS EVENT THAT HELPS THE HOMELESS ! Gov't was formed to help "the people", not stop them from receiving it!

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Our Serving Hope Event, that provided food, warmth, coffee, clothing, sleeping bags, toiletries, fellowship, friendship, and more has been all but shut down by Boise City Parks and Recreation.  Our event took place once a month at Rhodes Park and was a huge success.  KTVB and other news media loved what we were doing, and ran stories on it.  We have been doing this since November 2014.

But now, due to not having permits and the goverment getting involved, etc. we were forced to stop helping our homeless.  We were told that if we continued, we could be charged and or cited by the police, and what we were doing was illegal.  When asked how to get such permits we were told that Boise Parks & Recreation couldn't issue them, as Rhodes Park is permitted for skateboard events only.  We opted to shut it down and move forward, not to make an issue about it,and pursue serving others in another way, or partner with another organization.  We told her (Dee) that we'll just have to do our services another way.

The permit to use, but not offered for Rhodes Park apparently, can be viewed here.  Notice the cost, and then also notice the other permit you need from the Central District Health.  This CDH permit is $175+,  

RED TAPE to help others.  Also, as a non-profit, any donations you receive must be detailed and provided to the city?  This is taken direction from the CDH Event Permit.  Since when?  This goes against the IRS rules for filing, which supersedes any state and certainly city requirements.  RED TAPE people, that is all it is.  Oh, the permit application is "only" 35 pages in length.  Sadly, I am serious, and as it says, "...additional permits may be required."

But the next day, we received a phone call from the Central District Health Department, all concerned and worried that we haven't paid and received a permit to serve food.  We were told that Dee from Boise Parks and Recreation emailed him, making sure he knew what we were "possibly" doing, which confused us because we had already told her we would just cancel our event.  Really?  We had already halted the event, and now Boise City Parks and Recreation they feel a need to email other city departments to make sure we aren't still planning on doing it?  

We don't need this sort of babysitting and beaurocracy stopping good people and volunteers, from being a blessing to others.  I have ran and sold successful businesses, I'm pretty sure I don't need to be followed up on by them, or anyone for that matter.

On a side note, just a few months ago (December 2014) Rhodes Park recently received 1.25 million dollars for a complete renovation, where it says the park will, "...also a place to learn, create, challenge and socialize," Davis said. "It is a gift where every square inch will be utilized for generations to come." Socialize? Learn? Create? How can this take place by only offering permits for skateboarding use only? Perhaps it's me, but something doesn't smell right.

We will continue to help, we will continue to serve, and we won't be halted by those in charge making the calls on whom, when, and how to help someone in need.  We do not plan on breaking the rules or laws, but this follow-up phone call was a slap in the face to us, as well as the homeless community we were blessed to serve for many months.

We will stand up for people when they can't for themselves. We will provide what I can to those who need it. We will NOT be guided, directed, or told what to do when it comes to helping others. We will not be scared into stopping, disuaded by permits, rules, and recommendations of city employees.  

The phone call after agreeing to stop the event, is what prompted us to start this petition.

How you can help:

  •  Sign this petition and share it with others to sign.  This will be sent to   the mayor of Boise and all administrators of Boise Park and Recreation.
  •  Contact Boise Parks and Recreation voicing your concern for this type of activity of stopping those from helping others.  (see below)
  • Visit, like, and share our Kern Ministry Foundation website, or the Kern Ministry Foundation facebook page, and share with your friends.
  • Donate so we may continue helping those in need.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization / (ID) #46-4162894

Boise Parks & Recreation Administration Office
1104 Royal Blvd.  Boise ID 83706
Email them: / Call them:  208-608-7600

Use their online form to contact them.  

Here is an article on criminalizing homeless people from a national expert on poverty.  You guessed it, Boise, Idaho is included in the article. 

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Watch first video by clicking here. (pre-phone call from Central District Health).

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