Free 2 Hour Parking in Downtown Vernon

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This is to change the current system of parking in downtown Vernon BC.  It is felt that many businesses are suffering downtown because of the parking situation.  Not only the lack of parking but the fact that the patrons that support local businesses downtown are punished for not paying the metres on time.  Having to pay for parking is a deterrent for many who want to shop downtown.  Why bother when all of the big box stores offer free parking.  Instead let's have free 2 hour parking downtown, where tires are marked and times parked are managed by bylaw officers instead.  If you take  Anderson Way in Vernon as an example, many of the businesses are thriving, because of the amount of parking, all free for those who shop in that district of Vernon.  Offering "Free Parking" days downtown is not enough to have a sustainable increase in traffic downtown.  Telling people to download an "app" to park is just adding an extra step to what should be a seamless process.  Imagine driving downtown parking and saying to yourself "I have 2 hours, that gives me all the time to do all the shopping and errands I need to do"  without having to check your app, or check the metre, or scrounge for change only to find nickels and dimes (both of which the metres don't accept), you just walk away, care free and enjoy the downtown as it's supposed to be.  Think how much more money can go into the Vernon economy if it's not being spent at metres or on parking tickets, what a town it could become.