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Sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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From: Global Village -The Elders
Date: 12/15/2007
Subject: Update from The Elders

Hello –

Firstly, thanks so much for taking the time to connect to the Elders website.  It has been wonderful to see so many messages of hope and goodwill from people all over the world.  

We “Elders” have been very busy over the last several months, so I thought that we would give you a bit of an update…..

July Announcement – in July we came together as a group to announce the existence of the Elders and we were very fortunate to have Nelson Mandela join us.  You can hear his speech on our website,  It was a wonderful day filled with emotion and love as Peter Gabriel sang Biko and the Elders expressed their commitment to working as a collective voice with their only agenda as that of humanity.  

Start of the “Global Village” – Since July, we have had an overwhelming number of people connect to the website (thanks again!), sending their well wishes and thoughts on what the Elders should focus on.  These thoughts range from helping to resolve conflict situations to supporting this next generation of leaders.  

We look forward to developing this website into a place where the Elders can truly listen, connect and amplify the voices of people all over the world.  

Sudan  – We chose to go to Sudan for the first mission of the Elders because we could not turn our eyes from the humanitarian crisis, and we wanted to join with the many people around the world who have worked to stop the atrocities, protect the people, and contribute to peace. I was joined by fellow Elders Jimmy  Carter, Graca Machel and Lakhdar Brahimi on a visit where we met with government and opposition, civil society representatives and local leaders, community leaders and the people in the displaced person’s camps in Darfur. Please visit our website to learn more about our trip, read our report , and take action to stop the needless suffering in Darfur.  

Every Human Has Rights Campaign 
- The Elders all felt that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights should be a foundation and set of principles for the Elders future work.  It is incredible that almost sixty years ago, nations from all over the world agreed to uphold the rights expressed in this Universal Declaration, yet today there are still so many human rights abuses in every nation in the world.  

We have brought together a group of wonderful partners and launched a campaign called “Every Human Has Rights” to get people to “sign up” to living by the principles of the Universal Declaration and to put pressure on their governments, as a result, to deliver these basic human rights.  We are aiming to get one billion people to “sign up” and take responsibility for ensuring that we individually reclaim the Universal Declaration as one humanity. We are also hoping to get grassroots partners from all over the world involved.  Help us get there by going to where you can sign up – and of course pass this on to all your communities.  

Thanks so much once again for your support.

With love and blessings,

Archbishop Tutu on behalf of the Elders

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