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To the UEMSW President, Officers, and Directors - Stop the "Special" Meeting and the Violation of Our Bylaws!

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Mr. Gambone and the distinguished members of the Execute Board,

We are writing you today to voice our displeasure with the “special” membership meeting being called for this Thursday, February 13, 2014. We believe this meeting violates both the AFSCME Constitution and the Local 4911 bylaws for several reasons- all of which are listed below.

We also believe that this “special” meeting is being held in an unfair manor and that not every member has access to attend. We ask you to cancel this meeting, until such accommodations can be met. This is to ensure that EVERY single member has the ability to attend and to vote on the proposed bylaws changes, as per the bylaws requirements.

Lastly, we strongly encourage you to let the democratic process play out, and have an election in April 2014, like the current bylaws state. We do not believe this is a cost cutting measure by any means. We believe this is delaying our rights to have a fair and democratic election- something we fought long and hard for trying to join this union. You all were fully aware, when you were elected into office that another election would be run in April 2014. We cannot and will not allow any officers of this union to try and advocate for term extensions to their benefit. Again, we believe the AFSCME Constitution and AFSCME Elections Manual Process are clear on this matter.

Below is what we believe to be violations of the AFSCME Constitution, UEMSW Bylaws and the AFSMCE Elections Manual, as set forth by Appendix C of the AFSCME Constitution:

UEMSW bylaws violations:

  • Section 2
  • Section 4; part D
  • Section 12; part V
  • Section 17; part b

 AFSCME Constitution violations: 

  • “Bill of Rights of Union Members”
  • Part 4
  • Part 7
  • Appendix C

AFSCME Election Manual Process (from page 26) violations:

“Any amendment that increases the length of term would, of course, not extend the terms of the incumbents but would take effect at the time of the next election.”


Thank you for your time and we look forward to you all doing what’s right for every single member of this union.


UEMSW Local 4911 Bylaws

AFSCME Constitution

AFSCME Elections Process Manual

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