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No Excuse For Animal Abuse

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"Rohini is a well developed residential city in North West Delhi in India" - says Wikipedia. But, this video will probably change your impression about the city. All because of one bad security. The security can be seen beating the dog so violently even as the dog doesn't retaliate. The reason why he did such a crime still remains unknown. He might have committed this crime by someone's orders. But, watching this video will definitely get your blood boiling and thinking why such people even exist. The incident was reported to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) yesterday and it was later converted into an FIR. The video went viral after a student of DTU and his identity stays unveiled for his own security concerns. But, the person behind the camera could've run and tried stopping the security from inflicting further damage to the animal, but he remained behind the camera and decided to film, thus making him no less evil than the perpetrator. "To kill or maim any animal, including stray animals, is a punishable offense. IPC Sections 428 and 429". These are laws laid by our constitution. But, let's be frank here. India has become a country where people get away with even sexual assaults. What justice can a dog get? Moreover, the dog is presumed to be dead and its body is nowhere to be found. It'd be miraculous if it had survived the brutality of the security guard but unfortunately, it couldn't. This is just murder in broad daylight. The security should be punished in the same he would've been punished if he had murdered a fellow human being. The security officer's details have been obtained by the police officials of the Shahbad Diary Police Station. They seem to be doing their job.

Coming to the main picture, Ayesha Christina, the founder of a non-profit organization called 'Neighborhood Woof' took immediate action by registering a complaint yesterday at the Shahbad Dairy Police Station. Thousands of people have come up now against the security officer and everyone seems to be agitated enough to make him suffer the same way he made the dog suffer. But, thanks to Amritika Phool for keeping things under control. A single Facebook post has engaged a lot of volunteers so far. It's time to show our anger, legally. There'd be no difference between the monster and us if we decide to kill him by taking the law in our hands. That's what he did, right? A couple of months ago, we saw a duo throw a dog off their terrace. The two thugs, namely Sudarshan and Ashish were finally caught after having been on the run. They surrendered only after their university threatened them saying that they wouldn't be allowed to sit for the exams if they didn't turn themselves in. What happened next will shock you. Inspector Frank Das Rubean, told the media that the thugs were charged under Section 428 and 429, and were fined 60 Rupees each. So, you value a dog's life on money? And that too for 120 Rupees? This is our law, my friends. The Indian government doesn't give a hoot about animals and their welfare.

It's no longer the time for us to 'aww' at cute dog videos. This is time for us to stand up tall against animal cruelty. After watching this video, I felt so disturbed that I felt that no other dog should ever be put in this position. Bring a law that will prosecute a man who inflicts such harm to an animal. It is illegal to even remotely harm your pet. But, look at this man, who seems to have created his own laws. To talk like an animal activist, I'd like this man to be jailed for a maximum sentence, or why not give him a death sentence instead? If his identity is revealed, the people will make sure that they beat him into pulp. This monster might as well consider jail his new-found home. There shouldn't be a place for such a man in our society.

Let us all sign a petition to make the animal welfare laws more tight in our country. Maybe, we've just started, but at least, we've started. If you think that no other animal should face the plight of this dog, please sign the petition as soon as possible. We have a section 300 in the IPC for murder and assault related to humans. Let's bring up something like that for animals too. WE DON'T WANT THIS SECURITY GUARD ESCAPING WITH A FINE OF 60 RUPEES.
You've made stupid music videos go viral. It's high time you make this content go viral too. SAVE ANIMALS FROM MONSTERS. We don't need the sections 428 and 429. We need something that'll ensure no animal will ever get beaten up or harassed again.

#BanThe60RupeesFine #ReformAnimalLaw #300IPCForAnimals #Section428 #Section429 #StopAnimalCruelty #RIPHumanity #LetAnimalsLive #PunishAnimalKillers

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