Keep B​.​C. Students Safe: Provide Teachers and Educators with N95 Masks and Face Shields

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Let's get our kids back to school, safely.

We call on the Government of British Columbia to:

  • Provide teachers and other educators with N95 Respirator Masks
  • Provide teachers and other educators with Face Shields
  • Provide PPE as an option for all students in all B.C. schools  


While we all know that in-person school works best for the vast majority of students and schools, parents and teachers alike have been expressing an unprecedented amount of concern about the recent return of students in B.C. schools. 

Fears over safety have left the majority of parents continuing to keep their children home, as evidenced in the low attendance rates.  Given that almost all students learn best through in-person teaching and learning, the government needs a better plan for the safe reopening of classrooms and schools.

Teachers have been actively advocating for better and enhanced safety measures including increased custodial time.  We know if we want to make this work, safety must come first. But more is needed, including PPE for students, teachers, and other staff at schools.

By providing teachers and education assistants with N95 respirator masks, face shields, and the training to use them, the government can protect students and teachers from COVID-19. We know that masks protect those around the wearer,  and that N95 respirators and face shields protect the wearer as well. Providing teachers with N95 respirators and face shields protects students and educators alike. 

Re-opening schools safely helps our students who need education the most.  It also allows for teaching and learning for all students, and will help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  We all want to get the B.C. economy back on track,  ensuring that everyone in our schools feels safe is that best way for this to happen.  

Let's reopen our schools - safely for all students and educators.