Ban the sale of glue traps to the public in all Australian States

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When it comes to rodent control methods, how many of us have actually taken a second to think about the excruciating pain inflicted on these tiny animals?  

A scientific review concluded that glue traps are one of the most inhumane methods of rodent control - "the physical effects of the adhesive on functioning (e.g. suffocation), and trauma resulting from panic and attempts to escape, such as forceful hair removal, torn skin and broken limbs. After three - five hours, animals have been reported as covered in their own faeces and urine... Some rodents also bit through their own limbs to escape.”

This petition reaches out for the support of the ban of these glue traps to the public. This means that they can only be sold to, and used by, commercial pest control managers. They can then only be used in certain premises, under certain conditions, and heavy penalties apply for illegal sale and use. Even with one of the largest organisations for Animal Welfare - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) backing up the cause, how is it that Victoria is the only state in Australia which has enforced the ban on this deathly contraption?

Several Retailers in other states such as “Spend a Penny” sell glue traps to the public. The manufacturers of these glue traps direct consumers to throw the animals away along with the trap where they die slow agonising deaths in addition to the pain already endured. These glue traps often entrap other small animals too, such as birds, lizards and kittens.

Even though they’re widely sold at many retailers, glue traps aren’t safe for consumers either. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and Health caution against their use because animals who are trapped on these devices often void their bowels, potentially exposing anyone who handles the traps to hantavirus—a virus that can be fatal to humans.   

PETA also mentions in their campaign that these glue traps are not even helping with rodent control, they make it worse. The decrease in rodents cause an increase in food supply - “prompting accelerated breeding among survivors and newcomers and causing increased populations!”. Therefore, the available evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates that the use of glue traps for rodent pest control does not meet established standards for either humane restraint or humane killing.

Help stand up for a small creature with no voice. Help stop the pain you wouldn’t wish on any living creature or being.

This petition will be sent to the corresponding Minister for Agriculture for each state (except for VIC) to put this into action.