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Sign the petition for a streetcar down St. Claude

Why the petition:

Help us show the federal government how much we want a streetcar on St. Claude Avenue!

The U.S. Department of Transportation is giving out $500 million in competitive TIGER IV grants for transportation projects across the country and we want some of that money for New Orleans.  Our very own Regional Transit Authority wants to bring a streetcar down St. Claude Avenue to Poland Avenue and they've got their eye on the TIGER.  The more community support that exists for the RTA's application, the more likely it is to be awarded funding. 

The deadline is March 14th and we're aiming for at least 1,000 signatures so tell your friends and family.

Be sure to tell us why you want a streetcar on St. Claude Avenue in the comment section.

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Letter to
I just signed the following petition addressed to: U.S. Department of Transportation.

I am writing to support the award of TIGER IV funding to the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority for a streetcar extension project along St. Claude Avenue to Poland Avenue.

Since Hurricane Katrina, St. Claude Avenue and many of the neighborhoods that surround it have struggled to rebuild. Commercial properties remain blighted and unused and residents in the surrounding Upper Ninth Ward, St. Roch, St. Claude, Bunny Friends and Bywater communities still lack basic commercial amenities. These neighborhoods struggle with a density of blighted and undeveloped properties that foster some of the highest levels of criminal activities and murder experienced in New Orleans. Streetcar service along St. Claude Avenue, to Poland Avenue would provide much needed transit service to residents of this area while catalyzing new investment along the St. Claude Avenue main street and surrounding neighborhoods.

Accordingly, I ask that you support the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority’s TIGER IV grant application to extend construction of the Rampart/St. Claude streetcar line from Elysian Fields to Poland Avenue.


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