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Our country is the largest donor of global food aid. But that generosity can have unintended—yet tragic—consequences for people in need around the world.

People worldwide depend on the U.S. government for food aid, especially during emergencies like the famine in the Horn of Africa. But our food aid could be saving a lot more lives. The requirement to ship food aid almost exclusively from the U.S. means it can take far too long to reach people in need. Worse—once it gets there, it often undercuts local farmers instead of supporting them, creating even more hunger in the long run.

For decades, AJWS has empowered activists in the developing world to improve food security in their own communities. Now it’s our turn. Next year, when Congress debates the U.S. Farm Bill, we can reform food aid so that it helps turn back the tide of food insecurity and promotes sustainable agricultural policies. Starting right now, AJWS invites you to join us in gathering support for that change. Together, we can create a food system that reflects our community's vision and values.

A better food aid system will save more lives. And we can make it happen.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
Our Jewish texts and teachings obligate us to challenge the injustice of hunger, champion the right to food and promote stewardship of the land. Our nation's food and agricultural policies—many contained in the U.S. Farm Bill—have a profound impact on countless lives in the U.S. and across the globe.

The Farm Bill debate provides us with the opportunity to build a better food system. I want American food and agricultural policies to reflect my Jewish values. I urge you to enact policies that pursue long-term approaches to eradicating hunger by protecting the most vulnerable, promoting sustainable land use and investing in resilient local food systems.