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Sign: Stop Tying Down Tigers for Cruel Circus 'Rides'

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New video has emerged of a shockingly cruel “family” circus in China: An Amur tiger is tied to a table, with ropes around his body and legs, forced to lie flat and helpless while tourists sit on his back for torturous 'rides.'

To do this to an animal is cruel and degrading. Sign now to urge the Chinese government to shut this barbaric circus down!

In the video opening, one trainer holds the terrified tiger down while another trainer ties rope belts around the animal -  the belts are so tight the tiger can’t move an inch.

After the tiger is pinned down, frightened children are placed on the animal’s back while their parents and circus workers look on and laugh. Throughout the ordeal, the distressed tiger remains quiet.

Beyond the cruelty caught on tape, the tiger was mostly likely subjected to vicious abuse during training to force him into such unnatural submission. Jin Yipeng, deputy professor of veterinary medicine at China Agricultural University, has said that in Chinese circuses, large animals like tigers are often hit with barbed hooks that leave numerous small and painful wounds all over the their body.

The tigers are also often declawed without any anesthesia. This declawing is often done improperly— instead of taking off the entire claw and joint, the trainers leave the joint. This results in the animals being unable to put weight on their wounded paws, which causes painful arthritis.

It’s time to end the horrific animal circus industry in China. Sign this petition to tell the Chinese ambassador to the United States that you do not want to see any more tigers tortured for entertainment.  Close down this atrocity and all others like it.


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