Sign: Stop the Slaughter of America's Wild Mustangs

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If we don't act now, tens of thousands of America's iconic wild horses may be culled -- or sold off to meat slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada, where torture and painful death await.

For nearly 3 decades, wild horses and burros have been protected by a ban on the slaughter of healthy animals or any sale that results in their harm.

But now, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wants to change that, and do away with "excess" animals by cruel and drastic means. Their advisory committee has already voted to kill or sell without restriction up to 90,000 wild horses and burros.

Still, the horses can be saved simply by keeping language in the Interior Department Budget that prohibits “destruction of healthy, unadopted wild horses and burros." The House Appropriations Committee has voted on a bill with this language erased. Now, it's up to the Senate Appropriations Committee to decide whether the horses will live or die.

No horse's life is "excess," and these animals do not deserve to be rounded up, slaughtered, and sold for meat just to give more land to rich cattle ranchers, as many speculate will be the case.

Instead of brutally killing America's horses, the government should enact cruelty free population control measures, such as reducing births. Better yet, they should protect the public land on which these majestic creatures roam free.

Sign the petition to tell the Senate Appropriations Committee that their version of the Interior Department budget must prohibit the slaughter and international sale of America's wild horses, as well as urge Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to stop any plans to kill these animals or sell them to slaughter. Tens of thousands of horses' lives depend on it!

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