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The U.S. currently slaughters over 8,500 pigs and goats every year in military trauma training drills. These animals are shot, stabbed, dismembered, and killed in other brutal ways.

Undercover video has revealed the torment that animals are put through during these training exercises. The horrific footage show goats having their limbs cut off with tree trimmers and pigs having their organs pulled out of their bodies. These animals often moan and kick during the surgery, showing that that they have not received enough anesthesia to mask the pain.

With modern technology, there is no reason for the animals to suffer through these military trauma training drills. There are now human-patient simulators that are better teaching tools than animals. Because animals have such different anatomies from humans, doing surgery on them does not teach military surgeons the life-saving skills they need. The human-patient simulators accurately mimic breathing difficulties, bleeding, and patient responses to medication. This gives military doctors a chance to practice the vital skills they will use on the battlefield.

Three congressmen and a senator have introduced a bipartisan bill that will end the cruel use of animals in military combat trauma training exercises. The Battlefield Excellence through Superior Training (BEST) Practices Act needs to be passed to save animals from cruel and unnecessary deaths and to give military doctors access to the latest technology.

Sign this petition to urge Congress members to support and pass this important, lifesaving bill!

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