Sign: Shut Down Cruel 'Elephant Car Wash'

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At Oregon’s Wildlife Safari, elephants are forced to act as living car washes -- under threat of bullhook.

As tourists drive up to the elephants, the captive animals spray water at the cars from their trunks. While Wildlife Safari says they’re dedicated to conservation, this demeaning car wash shows that the zoo is no better than a circus.

The only reason elephants perform unnatural “tricks” like these is because they are trained with fear and trauma, and controlled by trainers’ bullhooks  -- barbaric weapons with a curved, sharp end that breaks the elephant’s tough skin, causing painful wounds. The elephants will do anything to avoid this pain.

Wildlife Safari also mistreats their elephants in other cruel ways. They make Asian and African elephants live together, which is unnatural and dangerous for the animals. They also force their elephants to dance for visitors, and tell guests to get close to the animals to take “elephant selfies.”

Visitors are even encouraged to pet the elephants during their car wash, which increases the risk of an attack and can spread disease. Because of these acts of cruelty, In Defense of Animals listed Wildlife Safari as one of the top 10 worst zoos for elephants in 2016.

Wildlife Safari’s elephant car wash is exploitative and cruel. These elephants should not be forced to do tricks for visitors – they should be left alone to perform their natural behaviors. Sign now to demand that Wildlife Safari shut down their cruel elephant car wash and send these abused animals to a sanctuary.

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